Let's Talk About Sex!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Revolution, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Go for that shit BW! You only live once. ;)
  2. my girlfriend is like you
    always trying to get me hard so i can fuck her and yadda yadda yadda
    when i cant get hard cuz ive just fucked her for a while, i just finger her/play with her clit till she cums.
    tell your boyfriend to just finger your/play with ur clit/whatever else so you'll at least get some satisfaction

    when you mean sleep with you, do u mean literally, or figuratively

  3. You want some tips for next time...

    -Get a bottle of your favorite liquor
    -Take 1-8 shots, depending on your tollerance
    -Make sure you get a good buzz, not too hammered that you cant make your unit function, just get that nice relaxed feeling
    -POUND THAT FUCKIN SHIT, im talkin all night, start inventing positions and shit, upsidedown piledriver, standing up 69, and if you got some bud, stick it in from behind (not in the ass unless shes down) and roll a blunt on her back, just gotta do it slow, then sit back watch that ass do the work and realize your a fucking pimp

    Game, set, match, pussy wont know what hit it :smoking:

  4. True but it's only the internet, if you're that easily offended by one measly derogatory word you shouldn't be on a forum in the first place...so no need to think over my sentence in a thread about smacking cum whores on the internet.

    anyway i'm done hijacking this thread, just my 2 cents...

  5. WOW dude you're kinda late -- i was over this the day it was posted. it's the internet -- of course it don't mean shit to me.

    smacking cum whores? :confused: what?
  6. Yes, he doesn't do much of anything to help with anything at all. I know he's not cheating though. He doesnt have the time, and i can account for every minute of his day. We only have one car too, and normally i drive...he's had a few accidents.
  7. We have a pretty open relationship though. We tell eachother almost everything, but everytime i ask why he just doesn't want too, he'll moan and say something along the lines of "oh, not this again." Of course we have things going on, probably more than people should have to deal with. Our 6 1/2 month old needs open heart surgery. He also had a stroke when he was born, which caused him to have seizures. Its hard on both of us, and I understand if thats the reason, I just wish he could tell me, or else give me an actually reason. But right a few weeks after we got back from the hospital, he wanted it all the time, so i don't think thats it. I would love to change whatever it is that has suddenly prrevented him from wanting me.

    Honestly how many guys say no when their chick offers to fulfill all his fantasies, just so she can get laid?
  8. More than you would probably think. A girl I know was with a guy for 2 years and she said they had sex once or twice at the beginning, but after that his insecurity issues just overwhelmed him and he never wanted sex again. Talk to him about it, there has to be something going on that's screwing with his head. Be honest with him, he'll feel more comfortable that way.
  9. Sound like he's on a rollercoaster. I hate those. One minute your one way the next it's something completely different. Don't take it personally. He's probably trying to balance the weight on his shoulders. Every one deals with stress differently. Like I said, don't pressure him or guilt trip him. Just try to be understanding and buy lotsa lube till your babies in the clear. Sorry to hear that btw. Best of luck to you both.
  10. yes -- let's talk about sex. GOOD sex. hmm.. why is it so hard to find good sex? why is it that most guys can NOT for the life of them back up what they say. they tell you that they will fuck you so good that you will be cumming continuously -- but there's a problem when i tell you that you could fuck me a little harder. isn't that embarrassing for the dude? HELL YEAH. i have a ruthless mouth in the bedroom so don't expect me to sugar coat anything. if you're doing a poor job of fucking me, i will not tolerate it and kick your ass out.

    do you think that i have the patience or time to be fucked badly? nope -- keep it coming or keep on moving damnit.
  11. Damn......
  12. Haha thanks for bein blunt. And now, I need a blunt...
  13. how i missed this thread -- so blades, what's your most favorite thing to be done to you during sex?

    i like feelings lips and tongue anywhere on my body -- lame but nothing makes me hotter than a guy who knows how to fuckin kiss. and if he can kiss well.. :p haha im making myself giddy over here.

  14. So he's the bad guy for (indirectly) calling this girl a bitch, but it's perfectly fine for you to (directly) call the guy a horny loser?
  15. Do guys really look down on a girl when she puts out early on in the relationship? Or not take her as seriously? I dunno, a lot of couples fuck the first night and end up lasting forever..... but then again, I feel like most guys would want a "good girl" if it's gonna be his actual girlfriend and not just a hook up buddy.

    I'm 20 years old and have never had a serious boyfriend... just flings. And it's so not fair bc when I "put out" it's not even my idea... so if it's YOUR idea and you initiate the sex, would you still look down upon a girl for giving into it? isn't that what you want?

    i hate guys! i'd be a lesbian but i don't think i'd be very satisfied haha.
  16. Oh good kissing makes me melt and totally hot for really good fucking. But a man who can make me cum multiple times from giving me oral sex is never leaving my bedroom! :p

    *leaves to go call her man IMMEDIATELY*
  17. Oh yes. I have missed this thread indeed.

    Damn straight, Kinkz. There is nothing like a man who can kiss good. Great kissing turns me on in a way that nothing else can. Not to mention knowing that a man can use his lips and tongue skillfully immediately fuels my fantasies about the many other uses for his talents... :p
  18. uuuhhhh....hmmmmm...fingernails digging into my back is pretty cool.
  19. Oh hell yes it does!!!
  20. seriously me random dude jumpin in but i tend to go for the neck an tummy area for some reason before i go down especially when she got a flat tummy....oooo..i love the flat tummy... o and to janey i dont because shit happens if a girl never gives it up on the first night like never never do it like shill kill her self before it happens!! and it happens a shit happens i never look down i look up to the left and right criss cross apple sauce but never down i dont judge girls like that

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