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  1. damn never choked a girl before you rough:devious:.
    everything else:)
  2. I would be having sex if my chick wasn't cruisin' the crimson wave.

    My parents are gone too, and we coulda had a grand ol time.

    Ya know?

  3. 1 word

  4. fuck her anyways
    ive done it and its not bad
  5. Oh yeah.

    She gave me a killer one today.

    It's more exciting when girls get into it.

  6. Everything is moer exciting when all parties involved are really into it
  7. There are sexual behaviors that have been around since the beginning of time, pretty much. . .such as incest, pedophilia, homosexuality, etc.
    Many cultures find them to be abhorrent, while other embrace them, or accept them in the underground sense.

    Do you suppose there are biological bases for these behaviors? What might be the benefits of these behaviors?

    (See, I'm talking about sex.) :cool:
  8. sounds a bit slutty to me :\
  9. keeping love and sex separate does NOT make someone a slut. I don't need to love someone to have sex, and I don't need to have sex in order to love someone. They are separate things. For me, the lines between the two can get blurred every once in a while, but just because they are inherently two different things and someone likes to keep them that way does NOT make the person a slut
  10. exactly

    i mean usually love leads to sex, and fucking someone can make it easier to love them(not exactly love them but more affection which can lead to easier love)

    if not then fuck buddies and friends with benifits would be alot more complicated, which people make complicated only cuz tehy cant kepe that line
  11. I have to say, I like a chick that's a redhead, and chicks that wear glasses too. Brunettes are fine as well, but no blondes.
    As far as rough sex goes, getting thrown around, and nail marks, and biting and everything, it's great. Especially when you're in a hotel, and it doesn't matter if stuff gets broken.
  12. grab me by my hair smack my ass bite nibble I don't care. And let's both bust a nut:hello:
  13. lolz i missed half my senior year becuase i stayed home with my gf and fucked all day :D good thing i was a jock or i would have FAILED
  14. I love getting fucked by my baby. Tie me up, spank me hard and pull my hair! I LOVE it when he's rough with me! He totally brings out my inner pornstar.
  15. bunch of kinky girls in here! meoww :smoke:
    id say in the current relationship im hugely dominant in bed.
    my bf said i was the first girl to make him cum while he was on bottom.
    i was like :eek:

    its my specialty
  16. golden jaws <3
  17. Before I got out of the car, my girlfriend grabbed my hand and rubbed it all over her smooth shaved snatched.

    My god it was great.
  18. that's the HOT part about it... well, outside the obvious passion that's occurring while it's happening... waking up seeing what i did makes me wanna fuck her again, and usually she does too...

    that said, the dude is disappointed, i'm in florida, and a baller pad, with sexy females all around.... and NOTHING... two more days to turn this sausage fest around :cool:
  19. Seriously, all you kinky ass bitches need to get over here, lets have a huge orgy and I will spank every ass, pull every hair, and bite every nipple.


  20. fixed -- :cool:

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