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  1. Small amount of pain...okay. Choking....eh, not my style. Some biting is fine, aslong as she isn't biting my dick.Ouch!! :smoking:
  2. I'll pass on the choking.....

    But tie me up, blindfold me, and go to fucking town.

    Saddness though?? I can't have multiple orgasms..... After one I either get too sensitive or numb........

    Really puts a damper on things...... until we switch it up.....
  3. nobody really likes choking ey?
    i dunno mang -- something about my ass being dominated in the bedroom is a reallll turn on :ey:
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    For you i'll make an exception :p
  5. kinkz i rep u for the choking... i love it!! choking and being dominated ftw?

    u like being degraded??
  6. I love sex and have a girlfriend. I love my girlfriend but I love sex a lot too.

    It poses problems at times. Ahh.
  7. only to a certain extent. not like shameful.
    but being treated like a sex starved little cum slut for the duration of the fucking is fine with me.

  8. Damn i wish i could rep u again!!! i couldnt agree more... about time someone else likes getting treated like the "whores we are"... sex starved cum sluts FTW :hello:
  9. MMM... I'm all for being completely dominated when it comes to sex, but I like to switch it up and dominate my man, too...

    Oh and, kinkz, you're not the only one.. i LOVE to be choked but also:

    tied up, spanked HARD, bit, nails dug into me to the point of actually bleeding and leaving a little crescent shaped wound, thrown around, slammed against walls, doors, whatever.. I could go on and on, but this is turning me on and i haven't had sex in months...:cry:
  10. Wow... you girls having me drooling with my mouth closed... my imagination is in high gear..........
  11. I like being the one doing the degrading. Lick my boots, you bitch! :laughing:
  12. glad we can help.. need any further help just let us know :hello:

    :D lol i never said i didnt like the roll reversal.. i wanna peg someone..ultimate domination!!
  13. ah yes -- the role of the dominatrix.
    i like it. oh yes i like it verrry much indeed too.
    it's fun. fuck yeah it's a lot of fun.
    especially when you get to dress up! yay!
  14. yeah but when ur doming and the guy doesnt take me serious and laughs that shit pisses me off and they get hurt... and im totally serious if im in the zone u better be a good lil bitch or i shall hurt u... i like it when they pretend to hate it tho :) oooh yeah
  15. sex is awesome

    i love a girl with a picture purrrfect puh
    if you gots it, you won't be able to keep me off it :)

    and shaved or at least trimmed
    i'm not into barbarians :D
  16. I do this with my girlfriend. Sometimes she gets really into it.

    Super turn on.

  17. i love rough angry sex.

    i'm a total in charge, no nonsense kinda girl in real life, but in the bedroom i like to be submissive. guess it kinda balances me out.

    who here doesn't let gender get in the way of their sexual relations? anyone at all?
  18. I am sooo not good at angrry sex. Once my face is in a pussy I can't be mad...... And orgasms make me all lovey

  19. hahah yea that makes sense of course, but even while diving, there can be some rough thigh/butt/boob/body grabbage, and some bitage inside the thighs and stuff. at least that's what i do. haha.
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    u know what sucks

    i never had sex :(

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