Let's talk about Oregon.

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    Oregon is great! Born and raised. Greasham becoming the new Portland! Lmfao
  2. [quote name='"skebeau"']Hey peeps I am moving to oregon in a week and need a job ASAP. I was just wondering if there are a lot of jobs that UA out there? I was going to look into factory type work if someone knows let me know please[/quote]

    Ups bro.
  3. [quote name='"WorkaholicsGirl"']Pdx, represent.[/quote]

    Woot. Goverment campppp ski bowl night pass FtW
  4. [quote name='"Capt Soydog"']

    I do reside in the Valley, there's been rain like every day for the past week ish. Unless I'm hallucinating...[/quote]

    Fuck rain. I'm in sandyyyyyyyyyy I had super hail yesterday and a huge wreck on 26 east.
  5. [quote name='"Marvo Ging"']on the east coast all the good bud from the west will generally come from California and Colorado. i can't know for sure obviously but i've definitely never heard of anyone here getting "Oregon bud" or heard anyone ever say that Oregon bud is the best except for that girl who said that and then said she had never smoked bud anywhere else. that was funny[/quote]

    Where are you getting your information?

    ATL gets a ton of homegrown loud, loud from CA, and CO, mids from Mexico. Had shit from RI too.

    Loud nugs can come from anywhere. Its a plant remember?
  6. I've had weed from Colorado. I've had weed from Iowa,and from Nebraska . I've had weed from Cali, Oregon, and Washington. I would have to say the only weed that straight up slapped me in the face with taste, smell, and high, was the weed my sisters grower grows, and it was Oregon weed. I've had some excellent weed in my time. And some compressed dirt weed. But for me the best is Oregon.
  7. When it comes to indoor grown it doesn't matter where it's from just how well it's grown you could have just as good weed in every state from the west to the east to the south the only difference is price and what's available for instance more schwag comes from Mexico so border states will have more schwag available and some states have better outdoor grown beacuse of the climate

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