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  1. I live in Oregon. Everyone here thinks we have the best weed. I think that's just what everyone everywhere thinks about their own weed. Everyone here thinks we're known for our weed and being really into it though. Obviously, Oregon isn't the biggest weed state, considering Colorado and Washington passed laws for it first, but do we really have a reputation for being a weed state?
  2. How do you like living in Oregon?
  3. Oregon Trail was a crucial computer game back in the day

  4. True.

    I ALWAYS had the food rations to high.
  5. Yeah I have heard a lot about the weed in Oregon. But it's definatly not the top state for weed.
  6. I love living in Oregon. It's the perfect area for stoners.

    @shroomhead 420 So you're saying we're not known for being a big weed state, but we are known for having good weed?
  7. No, he's saying that Oregon does have good weed, but at the same time you're not the "top weed state".

    That title clearly belongs to Colorado :)
  8. I hear that from time to time. Normally it's just a kid trying to show off his weed (I'm in college).
  9. It's strange to me though. Clearly, you guys have heard good things about us, but the weird part is that I never hear anyone talking about other states besides Cali and Washington. I didn't even know Colorado was a weed state until they passed their weed laws this election. So, how is living in Colorado now? How does it all work?
  10. A lot of states have high quality bud, most all of them. It is all who you know. The northwest IMO has always been known for having really good bud that isn't hard to find.

  11. Where have you been, bro? Colorado has been a huge weed state for a while now. Hell, they've had medical marijuana for like 12 years...

    And anyone who knows me knows that I'm a firm believer that Colorado is hands down the best state to live in in the United States, and that belief was cemented when Amendment 64 was passed. Once Gov. Hickenlooper signs off on the amendment, something he has to do within 30 days, weed will officially be legal in Colorado for anyone 21 or over, resident or not.

    Weed is obviously still illegal on the federal level (and we all know federal law supersedes state law) but the cops don't work for the feds and the government sure as hell doesn't have enough man power to arrest everyone in Colorado and Washington who smoke, so what are they going to do?
  12. I'm really curious as to how the sales are all going to play out. I don't want weed to become like tobacco. It's not meant to be overprocessed and have a bunch of shit added to it. I also don't want it to cost ridiculous amounts of money. I get about four grams for twenty bucks at the moment. Now, I picture it's actually going to become pretty cheap, even with taxes on it, but I've still heard rumors that it's going to be really expensive. You should keep me updated on how things roll out after that guys signs off on it.
  13. Good weed is grown everywhere.... indoor climates can an will always be controlled climate. Oregon is not known for its buds, rather unique walks of life. When buds mentioned u think Humboldt county, the bay,or Colorado.
  14. Ive never heard much about marijuana in oregon so I wouldnt say thats its known for its weed. Colorado, washington, and California are more known for weed than oregon.
  15. I, too, am curious how the regulated sales portion of the amendment will play out. Fortunately, I doubt those who will oversee the growing and selling aspects of the system would add anything extra to the product and risk losing most, if not all of their customer base as a result.

    And while there is going to be a 75% tax (or 100%, or something really high like that lol) on the bud, I've read that many people believe that it's still going to be cheaper than much of the shit you get off the streets.
  16. I agree with you. I'm wondering how they're going to package it if they start selling it in convenience stores and such. Also, I wonder if this means that big companies are going to be putting money into the science of marijuana and inventing whole new amazing strains, or even a new type of weed. That would be cool as hell.
  17. I'd imagine they'd sell it just like dispensaries do, either in a little baggy or in a little bottle-type thing.
  18. No u guys do not have a reputation for that
  19. When I think Oregon I think of glass blowing. Lots of glass blowers are based out of Oregon.
  20. I never knew Oregon as a big herbal state.

    Oregon reminds me of organic northwest fruits. Raspberries, black berries, cherries, ect...

    I guess its just because I'm into culinary arts and just love food.

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