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  1. A brief history of my marijuana use:

    I started when I was 15.
    I was smoking frequently at age 16, and almost daily by 17.

    There were on and off periods where I wouldn't smoke at all, or I would smoke a lot from ages 18-present. (19)

    I love cannabis. I showed me I could be lied to by my government. It made me feel good. It made me experience a whole new social culture. Etc.

    Recently, I bought a half O for 160 of really terrible weed.

    It wasn't terrible it just wasn't dank like I was used to.

    And when I got near the end of the half O, I started to wonder if smoking was really worth it.

    Now maybe it was because I was high on mids, but I am considering giving the herb up for a while.

    I am excited to see legalization budding in Colorado and Washington State, but I think I am going to hang up my smoking habits for now and see where it takes me.

    Sometimes the high just does not feel worth it.

    It used to calm me and raise me up and give me euphoria.

    Now it just makes me feel a little burnt-out.

    What do you all think?

    Maybe I will buy an 1/8th of dank, and see where I feel after smoking it....
  2. Im in the same boat. Im gonna try to change things up. Im gonna make some edibles and buy a vape.
  3. Dude its cause you were smoking shitty fucking weed.

    I have 2 O'z just sittin in my sock drawer that i havent touched in months cause they gross. I give it to my friends to take home when they come over lol XD

    Go buy some dank weed and get high as balls

  4. I have a feeling you are right.

    Although, the money I spend on weed is burning a hole in my pocket.

    And I am trying to get in physical condition just as a personal goal.

    The problem is, if I had dank, I would smoke all of it cause it is soooo goood :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    I have such a hard time with willpower when it comes to the Mistress Mary Jane.
  5. Gotta do what you gotta do bro :smoke:

    Ive never had a friend go sober and then start smoking again :/ Yet...
  6. I gave it up from 17 to 26. I am 29 now and definitely smoke more enjoyably now.
  7. I'd say you just need a short break away. Focus on something else for a while before coming back and realizing why you loved it so much in the first place.

    Throw some effort into your fitness goals for a bit.
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    I'm pretty new to GC, but anyway...

    Smoking a few times after i turned 13
    Began smoking every weekend at 14
    at 15 i got arrested for being outside at 2:30 in the morning, which made my mom automatically start giving me drug tests, so dry year

    (Sorry, not arrested, just taken back home for being out past curfew)

    Started back right before i turned 17

    I am now 18 and i smoke everyday

  9. This is good advice. I honestly may focus on my studies and fitness for the remaining semester and see where I am at Summer.

    Or maybe I will buy an 1/8th of dank and smoke it before bed like I do anyways.

  10. Smoking too much causes that burnt out feeling. I only smoke at night after I get all my shit done.

  11. Think of it as a pro-active T-break.

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