Let's talk about Duality.

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  1. Wow. I had a lengthy post typed up and I accidentally closed the tab *facedesk*

    I'll try and recap what I was going on about..gah now some of my post is going to be lost in translation. Oh well, uhm, you were going on about finding the middle, the center so to speak. I also used to think that this was the key to inner peace, but I'd like to share someones writings I read in 2009, they didn't make sense to me then, but wow do they now. I've just stumbled upon these things i've read from 3 years ago, and they make so much sense, imo.

    what do you think of the above? I feel it makes a lot of sense, the universe is infinitely expanding as is our consciousness understanding, and awareness.:smoking:
  2. everyone is the center of their own universe
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    Sperm and Squirt
  4. Very interesting.
    Sadly I'm slightly more pessimistic and believe in fighting fire with fire, but definitely an intriguing ideology.

  5. I'll answer you with a quote, from one of my favorite artists. 'Refraction is equal to the angle of reflection, fight fire with fire we all burn without ascension.' Kill 'em with kindness!:smoking:
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    Infinity and eternity are tough concepts to grasp yet impossible to deny. Let me think about that for a second. How could something truly be limitless? In considering space, we can stretch out a line for a billion times a billion miles but we intuitively recognize that there is always the capability for further extension. If you sweep that line out to form a sphere then we recognize that there is an area just outside of, limiting and containing it. And to if we include that new space in the volume of the sphere then you can say there is a sort of shell just outside of that. There is a problem there, it's an interesting concept to think about though
    I like alot of what that is saying. It's hard to say that our biological bodies are infinite though. I believe our bodies and our minds are only something incident to us, vehicles of our expression but not essential to us. So their decay cannot affect the real you at all.

    just an interesting thought from some philosophers: the physical size of our world and everything we know could be increased by a million times, and if all the relative proportions were kept intact, we would not have the slightest idea that any change had occured. The same would be true if the whole world was shrunk to fit into a drop of water.
  7. infinitely outward would imply infinitely inward as well, no? maybe that's how we are infinite.

    further more, what's the difference between the two?

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