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Lets talk about dreams..

Discussion in 'General' started by Led Zepp, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. Do you ever have appearances in your dreams of something or someone that is out of place and completely unexpected? So much so that you remember this exact moment significantly the next day and so-forth?

    I'll give a few examples.. that happened to me in my dreams

    A dream where I was in a house feeling nervous and moving from window to window checking outside(it was night in my dream).. Next I peer out of the front door and lo and behold, a man in a brown type robe walks around the corner but this was something I've never seen before.. He had a perfect face... accompanied by a long beard and mustache.. But the luminosity of his facial hair was extravagent.. bright white and emitting a strange glow.. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this before..

    Next dream that really slapped me in the face(not literally).. I was at my grandmothers house where she had passed away.. and I was thinking to myself 'I really hope I have a chance to speak with her...' well as soon as that thought passed my mind.. in the most eeriely, distorted and drawn out voice I have ever heard.. "I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU".. It sounded like my grandmother and this made me jump right out of bed with a thumping heart..

    It sounded and felt exactly like a 3rd party was involved...

    Next dream I was sleeping (yes in my dream lol) and I felt uncomfortable so I 'woke up' in my dream and laying next to me was a black cat 0.0 It was so shocking and fast I couldnt really put together in my mind why a random black cat would be in my dream? I felt like it was an actual spirit because of the raw power it made me feel..

    I have a brown cat and orange cat but not black.. None of my friends do either..:confused:

    I really just dont know what to think anymore...

    Are our dreaming states connected to the spiritual world? Is there more going on then we know about..

    Share your stories and knowledge blades and thank you if you took the time to read :smoke:
  2. Lately I've had a lot of dreams with my dad. We don't get along too well. He always criticizes everything I do and yells at me about everything.

    I've had dreams where I'm running away from him. Dreams where we just argue the whole time. Dreams where we try to hurt each other. Kinda creeps me out sometimes.

    Every have like dejavu dreams? Where you see something in you dream and have an almost identical situation/vision later that day?
  3. I believe that would be foresight or clairvoyance :smoke: and yes I have had minor cases of that.. No specific examples off the top of my head but it has happened more then a few times..
  4. I think theres a thread like this man...

    BUTT, I once had a dream that involved lava / the world ending and it felt so real and shit it was scary. I woke up in terror and sweating (I was like 10?) Dont know anything about what happened and i dont recall it very well just rememer being scared for my life haha weird AF
  5. I need to start training myself to remember my dreams and write them down. The most recent dream I almost completely remember was Harry Potter themed. It was awesome. nd really weird.
  6. ^ That sounds pleasant lol :smoke: Do you remember any types of dreams where something was completely out of place, like not supposed to be there?
  7. Last night was one of the most peaceful dreams i've ever had. The crisp scent of salt water in the air, I knew I was dreaming immediately because this wasn't my house or my beach. So I sat in the sand and stared at the ocean. I looked at the clouds and floated toward them. I got about roof top height in the air then slowly fell down into the sand in a full lotus position. The sun broke over the horizon and I woke up.

  8. I've been wanting to do that for a while. I never have time in the morning and I'm usually to tired to write a paragraph about a dream.

    I went to bed the highest I've ever been last friday. I don't remember what I drempt of but I was super relaxed and happy I know that.
  9. I always have mismatched dreams that make logical sense but no sense relating to what I know of the personal situations.

    For instance, I will be at a friends house hanging out and smoking a bong, right? Sure, makes sense...

    Wrong... I'm at my dead cousins house with my girlfriends mother and my former best friend and everything in the room is rearranged.

    And I remember these dreams perfectly. The weirdest part is, I often encounter these people after the dreams. Not that day, necessarily, but a few weeks later (after 4-5 years of not seeing them)

    I can think of almost 10 situations in which this has happened, at various points in my life..
  10. My dreams are typically a mix of things I've had on my mind a lot, my environment and then also random ass shit. A lot of the time my dreams will take place in my childhood homes instead of anywhere I've lived in the last 15 years. I also dream about fire a lot it seems. I can't really say if there are things out of the ordinary in my dreams because I remember so little of them usually.

    Oh but in the Harry Potter dream everyone had guns instead of wands. And cars instead of brooms. So that was out of the ordinary. And Neville ate a piece of magic gold and turned into a lion who possessed the knowledge and memories of Godric Gryffindor. I wrote about it on FB I will have to find it haha.
  11. The only nightmare I remember having was when I was about 6, and I was being chased by a black wolf-like monster. For the rest of my childhood, that bitch haunted under my bed. When I was older and saw The Neverending Story, he came to life.


    Totally have had 'sleeping in a dream' scenario you speak of though. Where you "wake up" in the dream to something shocking, while at the same time wake up in real life and can't put two and two together. So unnerving.

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