Let's talk about Discrimination.

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    Sorry you were kind of vague there my bad.

    But you talk about that rapture thing like it's going to happen any day now because the worlds gone to shit but I got news for you buddy, the world has always been shit. The only difference today over the good ol party times in Sodom is that it's televised and spread through written word like no other time in history

    Anyways I'm not going to get through to you and I'm a bit tired of being sarcastic. My world is ruled by logic & reason. Yours isn't. let's just leave it at that. Live and let live

  2. That is not the plan. lol I don't believe sodomy is inherently sinful along with getting my hair cut or eating shellfish or pork (although I am a vegetarian right now). I believe these things were prohibited culturally due to the health risks they posed (although I'm not really sure about the haircuts thing) and no longer pose such risks. I don't think any act of love between two people can be deemed an abomination and that the scripture didn't refer to such acts but rather temple prostitution and same-sex rape as is historically plausible.
  3. there is a whole other world out there (asia, africa, other places where originality is strong) where poor righteous people live in virtue and adhere to the laws of god just as they did when christ, moses, mohammad or any other messenger were here. however in the west (europe, america, australia) there are too many distractions, tempations and vulgarity on almost every level that people dont think about spirituality and if they do around 80% of the time white people turn to a religion other than christianity, even hinduism which is equally racist as some mormons.
  4. well if i follow a religion and my book tells me not to do something, i wont.
    other wise, youre not really following are you?

    an act of love is different from acting out of sexual impulses though.
  5. get the fuck out of here with your troll droppings bullshit. it smells gross.

    oh so i'm a 'fag' and a 'cunt'? ou are so highly original. damn can i get this framed and hung on my wall or something?
  6. bitch youre lucky i cant slap you thru the monitor

    that other guy was right youre harsh and neurotic.

    and what the fuck did i say to you now? that was a old post which you already replied to,.
  7. Hitting a woman. okay
    Engaging in homosexual activities. not okay
    Got it. Keep on keeping it classy man
  8. isnt it your people who say male and females are equal so why not hit one? wouldnt you hit a guy?

  9. The book, if studied doesn't actually say anything about monogamous same-sex relationships. It refers to temple prostitution and men raping each other to show dominance. There's a massive difference. The old covenant includes a lot of cultural customs other than religious commandments, such as the part about haircuts, etc. If you study the language, they're referred to as social norms rather than religious commandments. I think the same applies to the condemning of same-sex temple prostitution as it was common in the same area around the same time, but considered immoral by people outside of the cults. Having sex with my partner will never be about acting on sexual impulses, it will be because I love them.
  10. don't kid yourself honey, i'd beat your teeth in if you even tried to slap me :)

  11. equality has nothing to do with it.
    does your book not tell you not to strike anyone, regardless of gender.
    i think there's something about turning the other cheek.
    it's cool though, i'm pretty sure you wont be around the city much longer.
  12. Sure if a woman is endangering your health you defend yourself same with a man but if she's just talking then you strike her? Cmon man that's so Timothy 2:12 of you lol it's surprisingly Christian of you

    And my people? Dude differentiating yourself from anyone else in the world only leads to conflict so why do it?
  13. i hit whoever i want

    and im not a christian
  14. turning the other cheek is not what i follow

    its a eye for an eye
  15. not even a fucking joke, i got some loca sisters who WILL snap your neck.
  16. so what do you think about people who dont love eachother and have sex?
  17. lol Something that Western jurisprudence and most religions reject and look down on. You've really got a lot going for you, buddy. :rolleyes:

    I obviously think that's sinful.
  18. Even if you're not. My point still stands. And an eye for an eye? That does nothing, or else it would've worked by now
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    cool, get other people to fight your battles for you.. that's always a surefire way to show how afraid you are :wave: i'm sure with your ass-backward ideals you'll go really far on this forum and in life.
  20. I'm pretty sure he thinks threats over the Internet actually do bodily harm lol it wouldn't surprise me

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