Let's talk about Discrimination.

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  1. girly... i try to have reasonable rational conversations with you (i was rude to you in ONE post, and i acknowledged my mistake and apologized for it). you claim to wish the same, but then you ignore anything that might actually lead to productive conversation and only respond to things that you know good and well will never accomplish anything.

    i was not insulting you, i was being honest with you. there is a difference.

    you can be very insulting yourself.

    you contradict yourself.

    you have a harsh and abrasive attitude.

    i really have tried to calmly and politely discuss things with you, but you seem incapable of doing that, or at least you choose not to do it.
  2. promiscous = horny

    why else would you run after both genders?

    because they saw the name which is half arabic half spanish.
  3. Whatever you say, man. I am abrasive and harsh, but that's because I don't believe in sugar coating shit.

    You say I live in a fantasy world, but I assure you, I live in reality.

    And when did I contradict myself? And where did I ignore things that would be productive?
  4. Dude with all due respect......................da fuq you talking about?
  5. bisexuals are so horny they wan get wit both genders hence they promiscous

    and i said my name is arabic (first name) and spanish (last name)
  6. Right here. You assume I'm horny because I can't help who I'm attracted to. If you wanna get down to it. I'm pansexual. I don't care what your gender or sex is, if you're a good person I would be willing to date.

    Is your attraction to women all about sex? Mine isn't. Right now, and forever, I am with a man, but I still find women attractive.

    And I'm sure your last name is why they didn't hire you.
  7. Hey dude I'm done with this convo because it won't go anywhere. You're misinformed and have no idea and that's the problem. It's a shame that the intelligent are the ones full of doubts
  8. i dont love nobody but god, myself, my nation, and my elders like lord g, tone, baby and blood.

    i stand for procreation not fornication.
  9. Yeah. I'm done here.
  10. affiliating yourself with jesus name and then supporting gays is hypocrisy
  11. Im sorry it's not your fault. It's okay.
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    lol if you wanna talk about christianity fine, but don't pull jesus into this. he was a cool dude, who by the way affiliated himself with gays.

    EDIT: at girly. congratulations. you have managed to make it on my ignore list. only the second person in my 4 years here, and the only one currently on it. that takes some skill.
    DOUBLE EDIT: as soon as i figure out how to add you that is...
  13. yes its not my fault.

    its the government and society's fault.

    thats why the nation was started in the first place, to protect US from your authority.
  14. From MY authority? I'm over 235 years old?? Shit.. I'm old.
  15. i dont wanna talk about christianity, jesus followers did. jesus who was sent by god to lead the isrealites of the time, who's teachings reached europe then you europeans invaded whole continents partly to spread christianity but now you all have gone backwards, leaving black and brown people who's culture, society and religions you fucked up. with the advent of secularism and skepticism nowadays this is just like the pagan times when adultery
    , sodomy, murder, theft, and all other sins are rampant and even glorified, then the new messiah will come.
  16. Aww I feel great that you had to tell me.
  17. what the hell? im talking 1960s not some hundreds of years ago.

  18. Hello, I'm Grasccity's one and only (that I know of) gay Christian. :wave: It's a pleasure to meet you. :D I am attracted to the same sex, am not attracted at all to the opposite sex, and I also believe in the words of Christ. Are you very familiar with them? He says lots of neat things about being compassionate all around, even to your enemies whom you're supposed to serve as an example. Jesus was all about inviting sinners into his life and supporting them while teaching them how to avoid sin, become more like him, and free themselves of it. Paul the Apostle goes on to teach us some very important principles when it comes to people of differing beliefs/morality in Romans. I happen to believe that homosexual acts are not inherently sinful. There's actually a substantial argument that the instance in the Bible referring to such acts weren't referring to homosexuality in general, but specific types of temple worship and homosexual rape that I believe deserves consideration. Regardless of that argument, I feel that denying what I feel and pretending to be attracted to the opposite sex would also be sinful. Celibacy, forever avoiding intimacy, and loneliness isn't something I feel is right for me either. In Romans 14, Paul the Apostle states that he fully believes that there is nothing inherently sinful, or unclean. That is why I still aspire to have a loving, Christ-centered marriage in the future. I believe that with Christ, it is possible to have a same-sex relationship free of sin.

  19. this guy has managed to completely hijack this thread. lol
  20. hi, i think its great that there are still some sincere christians out there, gay or not.

    while theres supposedly nothing wrong with being gay, sodomy is forbidden by all abrahamic religions.

    so as long as you refrain from sodomhy i dont think its a problem if youre a gay person who follows a religion.

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