Let's talk about Discrimination.

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  1. yeah i heard a lot about dicrimination in australia

  2. so you're saying if two lesbians started going at it right in front of you, you'd hate it? :rolleyes:
  3. as a male with a healthy libido i would be attracted to it yes but i still acknowledge that its degenerate and ungodly.

    and i said gays not lesbos lol
  4. you disgust me. and spewing that 'don't do it around me' bullshit is just so fucking idiotic. that just perpetuates the belief that homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to be themselves. ooh i'm heated.
  5. Uh, people who are of any race can do all these things?
  6. but what percentage of each race has access to all theese things?

    most white people
    few colored people
  7. They all do if they work towards it. You gotta know how to go about bettering yourself.

    You wanna go to college? They have plenty on scholarships and loans for under privileged black people. (any race really)

    You want the cops to help you? Don't be a dick and obey the laws.

    You want to travel, do it...

    You want a job? Apply.

  8. white people should pay us our reprations for slavery, stealing our land and killing off more than half our ancestors before they crusade for the rights of faggots they didnt even acknowledge some 50 years ago.
  9. So, I should have to pay for something my ancestors may, or may not have, done to yours.


    Oh yeah, and they're not "faggots". They're people.

  10. girly i'm not trying to be a dick here. i'm not trying to be cocky, or condescending, or anything else, but i think you live in a bit of a fantasy world.
    especially with the part i emboldened.

  11. i went to college. im saying the average so called negro or hispanic hasnt got the chance.

    i know kids on my block that have to sell chicken if they wanna eat.

    i dont want cops to help me i spit in the face of assholes whos only job is to be racist and harass people by limiting their freedom. and do you think i break laws in public? who is that dumb? police come search me becuase of the way i look its called profiling.

    last time i travelled they made me sit ina room for 3 hours while they checked that my passsport was real.

    2 years of applying no job yet.

    you motherfuckers got life so sweet then you make ignorant posts like this cuz you dont know any better.
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    not you, the government

    yes they are faggots faggots are people just like so called n-i-g-g-e-r-s are.

    Using the word 'faggot' is not tolerated here and considered insulting. M369
  13. Oh really? Well, as a highly bisexual female. I know a thing or two about discrimination.

    Maybe, just maybe, the reason you don't have a job is due to other factors. Such as your "blame everyone else" attitude or your sense of entitlement. Maybe it's just simply your lack of tact and verbal skills.

    Oh yes, keep generalizing. Not all cops are fucking dicks.

    I don't like this poor me shit. The same with the OP's post after her initial one. Claiming white people are hated is absurd.

    Just like you saying your race is the reason you can't do anything.
  14. I guess I just live in the last decent place on earth.

    And saying I live in a fucking fantasy world is insulting.
  15. so by being an extra promiscous female you know what the black struggle is?

    the reason i dont have a job while 2 white girls and a chinese guy i knew have gotten jobs with the same qualifications within the same time period i started looking for jobs is because?? explain .

    white people are protected by the cops, all cops. even when youre being driven away ina cop car they gon respect you. they apparently need a warrant to search white people too. ive never been dignified wiht a response when i asked them to show me a warrant.

    i never said white people are hated (in the white world atleast)

    my race is the reason i am stigmatized in a eurocentric society.

    BUT at the same time we have many advantages over yall.
  16. I know what discrimination is, yes (I never said i know what its like to be black). And I'm not extra promiscuous, I don't know where that came from.

    Maybe those people obtained jobs based on what they can do, the way they presented themselves.
  17. extra promiscous = bisexual

    those people got called for interviews i didnt.
  18. Bisexual does not equal promiscuous.

    So, why do you think this is a discrimination thing if they never even gave you an interview?
  19. You can't argue with ignorance girly. Humility is an ever disappearing trait from this world.
  20. WTF fag.... stop ranting dog turd at me cunt....

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