Lets talk about discreet smelling strains

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  1. There are a lot of threads asking about low odor strains. This is usually met with some disdain from people who are in better growing situations and can handle super stinky bud.
    How about instead we make a thread of discreet, easily explainable strains. Strains that perhaps have less of that skunky MJ smell and more of the fruit/floral/sweet/citrus smell?

  2. Good weed smells like weed
    By that measure, there would be no point in growing anything that doesn't smell like weed.
    However that's not the point of the thread. Also "good" is subjective.
  4. I have had good experience with blue mystic

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    For you personally, what was the aroma like?
  6. Basically non existent throughout most of the grow unless you really rubbed up a stem or leaf ... Late in bloom almost like a fruity/rotten berry aroma from her flowers that really need a good cure to bring out in the smoke.

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    Rotten berry is a new one. Interesting! I had looked at Blue Mystic before actually, but ended up going to Northern Lights for first grow. I may go back and pick it up when I order new seeds here in a few more weeks though.
    Do you have any experience with Sativas?
  8. Bubblelicious and Red Poison, autos also seem to be less odorous.
    I've seen several people recommend Bubblicious in my search, but Red Poison is a first. That is a beautiful plant! Can you describe the aroma during growth/bloom?
  10. Northern Lights is the least stinky of all.
    Yep that is what I am growing right now. It doesn't smell much, but if you get close enough it has a grass/pine/mj smell.
    Have you grown anything that was aromatic but that could be passed off as something else?
  12. I have not however planting in the middle of my lavender garden really masked it!
  13. Master kush by nirvana low odor is right in the descriptiom

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  14. My headband plants aren't that noticable.

    The strawberry cough/chemdog though....

    Woooo. I have a carbon filter and I can still smell that sucka from the hallway.
    Not sure where you see that, as I am not seeing it in the description on Nirvana's site. In any case, the idea behind this thread isn't so much about low odor (although this is welcome too) as it is about strains which aroma's are easily explainable, or perhaps mesh well with other plants.
    As MayorMcStoned mentioned, even with his carbon filter his Strawberry Cough/Chemdog is quite aromatic; so the idea is to find strains where just in case there is a smell (despite having odor control) you can still explain it away.
    Is that the strain known as Strawberry Dog Shit (lol)? Have you ever grown Strawberry Cough itself?

    Nice, so it would mesh pretty well even indoors if you grew something else that had a nice fragrance.
  17. Lol. I dunno, but I'm calling it that now!

    And I wish. I'd love to get my hands on some OG strawberry cough strain.
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    Haha I asked because it appears Gorilla Seeds has it. Looks like it is released by Dinafem, probably decided to release seeds after creating their Strawberry Amnesia. I might actually have to pick this up. Dutch Seeds also has their own strain of it.
  19. Thanks for the tip man! I'm gonna have to look into that.
    Looks like the Dinafem one is the strain to go for, at least based on what I have been reading. Several other places carry it too.

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