Let's take the high road on the marijuana issue

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  1. Let's take the high road on the marijuana issue
    TheSun / John Weeks / 09/21/2010

    Believe me, I hear all the talk about how the availability of medical marijuana is driving an upsurge in drug use, and contributing to an epidemic of crime, and ruining American values, and pretty much wrecking the world in general.

    And I just have to nod my head and say, "I know. I know."
    I never will forget the time I witnessed a shocking outbreak of fractious behavior involving two potheads that almost led to an act of violence. The two hostile parties argued with great vehemence for most of two or three minutes, though it must have seemed like hours to them, over the important issue of which album to play next: Vanilla Fudge or Canned Heat. I swear, things actually might have come to blows if not for the fact that the two warring factions were deeply involved in a giant bag of tortilla chips.

    I must say, however, that despite this one shocking incident, I never have heard a lot of news about unruly potheads terrorizing society. There undoubtedly are lots of stories about stoners running amok in this or that village, looting and pillaging, but I've missed all of them, I guess.

    Anyway, anybody who knows me very well is well aware that I am totally gung-ho about putting into force more rules and regulations concerning private behavior. Society is in a mess, and I don't think there's a way out of it, unless we start keeping closer tabs on people, night and day. So I say let's get these potheads under control, for starters,lets not stop there.

    Most of you don't know it, because you are respectable members of the community, but every grocery store in the land offers for sale a giddy assortment of attractively packaged poisons that, if ingested, will cause great sickness and possible death. In fact, probable death.

    I am referring, of course, to insecticides, bleaches and spot removers. Unlike marijuana, which is a natural inhabitant of God's splendid creation, our Earth, insecticides and bleaches and spot removers are artificial toxic chemical potions that absolutely are not part of nature. In fact, they are anti-nature, created in the laboratories of man for the express purpose of destroying natural manifestations such as bugs, dirt and stains.

    The fact that any six-year-old child with pocket money can walk into one of these so-called businesses and purchase these lethal substances is beyond belief.
    We not only must shut down the grocery stores, we also must put a stop to hardware stores. Many of you may not know it, being the upstanding citizens that you are, but these seemingly innocent establishments are filled with axes, hatchets, pitchforks and even chainsaws.

    It's like a horror show in there. Why these dens of lethal terror are allowed to exist in our fragile society is a mystery to me. If they are padlocked tomorrow, it won't be too soon. But our work still won't be done. Please take a seat, gentle reader, and try to remain calm, because I now must tell you that there are certain unsavory quarters, located in every city of our land, where you actually can buy guns. You heard me correctly. Guns.

    Unlike marijuana, which is a leafy plant that never is mentioned in news stories as a murder weapon, guns are devices intentionally made for the express purpose of destroying life. It may be hard to believe that there are venues, open to the public, that sell these items to paying customers, but it's true. And it's shocking.

    I'm sure that all of you who believe it's important that we immediately put a stop to the medical marijuana dispensaries will join me in an urgent campaign to also shut down the grocery stores, hardware stores and gun stores. Our future depends on it.

    Oh, and speaking of the future, where's that other giant bag of tortilla chips?

  2. Don't forget hospitals! More newborn babies die in hospitals than anywhere else in the country. They're deathtraps that are destroying our children and they must be stopped!
  3. Reads more like a tort from a tart. It didn't seem like he was taking the high raod. maybe The Sun is more like the Onion. IDK. Maybe it's a pun on being high, getting high, or high in general

    The high road would be,

    that more and more children, 2 maybe 3 years of age are being subjected to constant reefer fumes by their parent(s) who have access to medical marijuana and need to smoke in the same room when the baby is around. That much exposure at such a young age can't be good for anyone. Especially the child.

    I'm not talking about exposure to profanity to where by the 3rd grade, the kid nows all 7 words that can't be said on TV, I'm talking direct and indirect exposure with an illegal drug that has ruined and destroyed more lives than it has helped. And continues to destory more lives every 36 second.

    Maybe this could be a rant on requiring permits and licenses in order to have kids in the first place, but one thing is for sure. Drug use is up among the very, very, young.
  4. Do you suppose that from 1937 back to the first caveman that drug a cannabis bush into camp and threw it on the fire,that children of our ancestors were not exposed to the same dangers. We have made it so far.
    Apparently you have gotten your cart before the horse. Please give us links and scientific proof that cannabis is a "dangerous" drug. The only real harm marijuana has done to anyone was caused by the laws against it. The only people that have died from marijuana were killed by police or in prison serving time for marijuana.
  5. The people who BREAK the laws cause the harm. Not the laws. That's not a good arguement that any responsible person would use. "No fair. The fact that there is a law caused me to break it. It's not my fault".

    Thanks. That sort of adds to what I am saying. I was expecting the standard medical use from the past among different cultures as part of an arguement that more people are being helped by the use of pot.

    Prisons are filled with people who's lives are destroyed by pot. It has been that way for a long time and will be that way for an even longer time.

    So, I'm taking my complaint straight to the Sun. That article is so bad, and the author is an aledged professional. He had to be wasted when writing it, and what's up with the editor?
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    Are you kidding me? The laws that outlaw weed are completely unjust. Alcohol is perfectly legal, and it has unarguably destroyed more lives than cannabis. Drunk driving, alcohol poising, cirrhosis of the liver.

    Had the laws against marijuana never been put in place, none of the stoners crowding in today's prisons would be there. Smoking weed is a victimless crime. It may slightly harm the lungs, without a vaporizer, but beyond that there is no valid evidence that weed is harmful in anyway as a substance. Smoking anything is bad for your lungs.

    If we get weed legalized or decriminalized it should be treated as it should. With no prison sentences for possession, maybe fines if you felt it was necessary. Keeping weed illegal is just giving money to drug dealers and cartels. If you legalized this market, the money would go to both the government(taxes) and to everyone working in a business in this new legal weed market.


    I'm so baked now:smoke:
  7. That is exactly why we are going to change the law,to stop the harm from marijuana,because as you have skated around,you have no proof that marijuana is a dangerous drug.
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sorry, it was hard to organize all those thoughts together correctly/whilst baked/

    I think I got the job done.:smoke:

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