Let's take a look at the DEA "facts" shall we?

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    I posted this on another forum that had a marijuana thread, in that thread I asked the anti-legalization folk and the on the fence folks to present me with some FACTS about why it should be illegal, I got none, just like every other time I have asked for some, all I get back is opinion, and frankly most of the time it's not more than "I don't like hippies, go to Canada if you want to smoke that shit."

    So I took it upon myself to find the other sides party line, they were so bad I couldn't help but refute them as I posted them.

    I present to you, bullshit the DEA wants you to believe, followed by my answers to them, keep in mind my answers aren't backed up with sources and facts, but hell the DEAs aren't either.

    Exposing the Myth of Smoked Medical Marijuana

    Q: Does marijuana pose health risks to users?

    They never refer to these "others" that marijuana harms, personally I have never had memory loss but I can't speak for everyone, distorted perception is the point of it so yes, just because you think differently than sober doesn't mean it's bad, and I find problem solving to be enhanced, you look at everything slightly differently it's not a bad thing. Diminished motor skills sure but not lost. Decrease in muscle strength, for me yes, but I know many very in shape people who swear on getting high before hitting the gym because it allows them to focus better., increased heart rate is true, they fail to mention anxiety is because you are worried about getting caught because it's illegal.

    You will notice it doesn't say because of marijuana use, they say mentions of marijuana use, hell it doesn't even mention being under the influence at the time. It's from when they are admitting you and ask "Do you drink? How much? Do you smoke? How much? Do you use drugs? What kinds? How much?"

    Should the word "may" really be on a list of "facts"? Also notice they don't say it causes cancer, it just says the chemicals are in there even though for some reason it doesn't increase your odds of getting cancer, in fact it looks like it slows the spread of cancer.

    Yes, inhaling smoke of any kind if not good for you, but joints aren't the only option. There are methods that involve zero smoke.

    It raises your heart rate, already mentioned that. Your risk of a heart attack also increases if you play sports, exercise, have sex, or anything else that raises your blood pressure.

    I have no rebuttal for that, could very well be true, I really don't have any information to save differently.

    LIES, bold faced lies. These numbers are because of court ordered treatment to avoid jail time, it's a joke.

    Same thing, "Youth offender programs" My younger brother and 6 of his friends were forced into one of these programs, and they were caught drinking underage (they were 19), for 6 months they went to weekly classes and had to submit to drug tests, they never had to "blow" even though the center did those tests as well.

    I have heard dispute on this but I'm not going to disagree, due to selective breeding you can create a stronger product. I just wonder why this is supposed to be a bad thing? One of the other points was the more you smoke the more carcinogens you put into your body, therefore the stronger the product, the less you need to smoke to achieve your high.
  2. Work on soidifying your refutations.

    The DEA has no basis for the "fact list" as they are incapable of finding verifiable facts to support there contentions.

    You have a vast library of positive information.

    Source your facts.

  3. Holy shit. They just proved how much of a failure the drug war is. A 17% increase in kids admitting to use it yet the DEA stills gets funding?

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