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Lets start a revolution!!!!!!!!!1

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.Spliff, May 16, 2002.

  1. Let's get all the americans that can get Marijuana seeds together to take over the government rule over the decriminalization of Marijuana away from them.
    If you are wondering what the hell I am rabling about then just wait for a second and I'll explain.

    If all the people that can get seeds take the seeds and spread them uot in parks, ditches, lakes and all other public areas then the weed will groww in such force that police will be pulling plant instead of busting smokers and spending as much time searching for growers because the will be too busy pulling and eradicating those plants.
    The mature plants that are not found are there for the piking and the cost of erradicatin will be overwhelming to the government.just like the critical mass theory.
    America unite for:

  2. Johnny Marijaunaseed Lives!!! :D: :D:
  3. good theory but i dont think that's gonna work
  4. a revolution over weed isn't going to work...sorry. it's the whole thing you have to take into consideration..[​IMG].

  5. I'm All for the Peace, if we can show the government we're not a bunch of crazy pot heads but eager untraprenuers, we with legalized *mara-juana* can cut taxes to help defense spening, legalize and license George, It'll solve all your problems. and your neices will thank you!
  6. Amanita!
    I understand what you are saying but its not about the strains or or cross breeding.
    Marijuana is a weed like any other, the only difference is that it is illegal.
    If you and thousands or even a hundred spread the seeds throughout the city or town you live in they will germinate naturally and grow.
    when all smokers do this then the sum of propagating plants will be so high that the cops and government will have to put more time into pulling plants growing in the public areas than into screwing the little man.
    and for the mowing it down, what you do is throw the seeds in the grown up areas in the beginning of spring.

  7. bro's and sis's

    weed makes u lazy
    weed makes u not give a fuck

    once we start growing all this shit all over the place...the revoultion will start

    then...when we are all caned/stoned/fucked...wot ever u wanna call it...we will not give a fuck when everything changes and,...we may never get to the point of going agist the current government...cuz we just wont give a fuck...and then..they will take advantage of us, and fuck with us ever more...

    bottom line...we will be fucked either way

    so fuck it, just get fucked

    shit...did i use fuck too much, i am sure all of u agree it was neccessary...sorry if i crossed any lines....but i am too fucked


    (i hope this msg is as funny when i am sober)
  8. keep silent? naa! although i commend you for your high asperations. alas,tho twould not work. aminita is quite correctamundo. heres a better idea germinate your seeds, seperate them then plant your girls in grown weedy areas an hope for the best. between people and animals plants stand little chance,...seeds thrown into the wind, eh. who knows but i tell you this i wouldnt want it anywhere near my babies.
    germinate sex and plant girls.
  9. Now that is bullshit if I ever heard any.
    Lazy people are lazy and weed does not make me lazy.
    I like to get fuked up and find something to do.
  10. wot if u find someitng else to do...other than defen your rights?
    but i'll tell u wot really pisses me off....
    governemnts....i mean....there is no reason..medically, spiritualy, or any other fucking reason that marijunana is i;llegalized....and they are completely fucking with us

    nixon...he asked for a presidential report to made on marijuana...they hyothesis of this report was that it should be leagaized cuz its harmfull....they started doing their tests and all that shit...and slowly they started getting more lenaint...and even got to the point that they should leagilise week in the states...

    then wot happens....nixon finds out....and he ORDERS them to say "weed is bad, and should be illegalized" else they will all be fired from their posts...some sicents quit...others did what they were told...

    wot is the point in the bullshit???

    its all messed up....
  11. Mr. Spliff I like your signature...and this idea. I think my prior post may have been a little strong.
    I think we should figure out some way to do this. I think there are some pretty accomplished growers here at grasscity...and, their experience's with growing might help you figure out how to start this?
    Even if it doesn't start the revolution that I keep hoping for (passive resistance please) least you've pissed off alot of governmental types...and, made a whole bunch of peace-loving people alot happier, and maybe wiser? [​IMG]

  12. Amanita, i do understand what your saying about the breed's getting worse but there is one thing you miss. "ALL" strands have come from Europe somehow or someway transported to America. and they have had manny generations. this means change. how does our climate change the bud? well it makes it more potent of corse. 30 years ago they didnt have the high grade shit they have now. even the ditch weeds are beacoming smokable. and they say that the grades are only getting stronger as they evolve to our harsher climate changes. this will call for the plants to produce more thc. and there you go, thats why i dont belive there will be a deleated good strain, it will just evolve better while its here.
  13. I believe Mr. Spliff was talking about just keeping the 5-0 busy yanking "wild" shit, instead of bustin' toker's.

    And yes, this may be an improbable, or far-fetched idea, but only impossible due to apathy and pessimism!!

    I have seen with my own eyes, areas near Ohio, where Hemp has gone "wild". The Law enforcement has to make a special effort to "harvest" it, so if they're busy doing that, it's less time spent hasslin' tokers. True most all of the "wild hemp" has low to almost no thc, but that's not the point.

    It's also true that not many seeds would "take" without cultivation, but once the process began, it would become self-propagating.If ya toss enough seeds out there, SOME will grow! I know this, as when I was in the service, when I was home I tossed my seeds out in the back yard when visiting.Mom calls a couple of weeks later, and said, "Get your ass over here and yank those plants outta my yard!!" lol

  14. Where did you get your information? All strands haven't come from Europe. Maybe you've heard of a little country just south of the United States called Mexico?
  15. only place ive ever heard of the mighty wild weed round up is out okies way. where i believe long ago it was a cultivated crop for its "other" qualities, leaving oklahoma with a large population of supposidly unsmokable (not my quote) ditchweed.reguardless it would be an awesome sight to see the green growing in the wild for what it really is....A WEED.
    *just threw out a handfull of seeds*....ill let you know.:D

  16. keep the 5-0 on wild shit exactly.
    Listen, I have seen this forum grow in the last few months with people from all over the U.S. and if these people tell their friends to do the same and so on and so on then you have critical mass.or just too much for the cops to do.
    There are already thousandsd of members in this forum and i'm ONLY GUESSING that we all smoke and can throw out a few seeds and if it doesn't work then what the hell?
    You needed to get rid of the seeds anyway.


  17. There shouldn't be any effect on the current strains available, unless they were grown close to "wild" patches. (which woudn't be smart, as the whole purpose is to draw the 5-0 to the "wild" patches as a diversion for Toker's).

    YOU"RE still gonna make the decisions on the Herb you grow or buy for personal use.

    As hard as it would be, to actually get the plant started "wild" in a large enough area to be effective, I don't see it becoming a problem to cultivated crops. :smoking:
  18. To clarify ,

    Dear Clarify ,

    Is it not ,a most wonderous day to be alive.

    To have learned that marijuana has many "strains" (not strands like hair) ,unless your pot has gone terribly bad ,or gone through a paper shreader.
    Marijuana comes naturally from all around the world ,however some feel ,the local natives from the nations of Holand ,and 'California' have have contributed most to it's current levels of perfection.

    you say you want a re-vo-lu-t..i..o..n ,well you know...........we'd all love to see the plan......... you get off the bus Gus .

    .....make a new plan Stan . need to be coy Roy ..............just set yourself free.:)
  19. It's hard to plan when everyone has there heads buried in the sand. Most likely they've buried their wallets there as well?
    This is an interesting thread in so many respects, it seems like most of us agree change is necessary. But how do make change happen when everyone is either afraid of change, or has their wallets padded by the way things are now?

  20. well one thing is that weed germinates very easily here in the southern states.
    We have always thrown it out in march and if the cops or deer havn't gotten to it first you might have some smoke of course it is more fun to read in the local paper while you sit at home with your favorite strain.

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