Let's share some stories of paranoia!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alicedee07, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. We've all gotten paranoid to a certain degree under the influence of the ganja, I figure someone should start a thread sharing these stories of paranoia, I'll start with 3 that stick out in my mind.

    It was the second day blazing from a long month tolerance break. I decided to go out for a walk, it was a beautiful day. Had my eyepod, headphones, it was heaven. But when I was walking back to the house there was this little boy walking towards me. For some reason I was convinced he was some kinda demon child and I felt my heart jump really suddenly. He had a really evil look in his face, and I quickly walked to the other side of the road to avoid the little demon child, lol.

    Also this other time me and my buddy were blazing a blunt by the lake around midnight. There's usually never anyone around this park at the time, as I've blazed there many times, but that night there was someone on a boat, coming straight for us. We thought it was a cop, so we crawled over behind a rock about 10 feet away from us to attempt to hide. As he got closer and closer I feared for my life. Then a spotlight came on, and this freaked us out. Then we heard a pick up truck come up to the plank. We let out a huge sigh of relief when we just realized it was some guy loading his boat.

    Then this one afternoon I blazed a bowl after a good workout. I had some Doors playing while I was cleaning the kitchen. As I listened closely to the music I started hearing other things, maybe apart of the song? But then again it didn't sound like it. It was coming from the hallway right behind the kitchen. All of a sudden I became convinced someone (or something) was there. Seeing as how I was alone in the house I got pretty scared, and shut the door to that hallway immediately and grabbed my kitchen knife. Later on I found out it was just some sounds from the song I had playing by the Doors. But man did I get scared!
  2. i do not like smoking or masturbating at night infront of a window because I think people are outside watching me..haha :smoke:
  3. Haha, I just remembered my third time getting high, my friends wanted to go outside and smoke down by the forest but I did not want to cuz I was convinced there were large moose, elk, and wolves out in the forest.
  4. The only bad effect i get is i get a little sensitive.
    Not in the 'My father didnt love me kind of way'
    We used to go fishing underneath this bridge and get wasted,
    After getting to the stage of 'mildy wasted'
    I realised i couldn't hurt the fish anymore,
    I went a bit weird apparently and wouldn't let anyone else fish or even bait a hook.
    Dosen't happen super often,
    But i find myself saving little bugs that are in the middle of the road etc etc.
    Sounded a lot more sane in my head....it really did.
  5. I was chilling in shotty in my boys car just chilling by myself while he was inside picking up. All of a sudden I see blue lights flashing outside this kids house. Then I hear in the woods next door, over police raido "...purchase of marijunna" I was like o shit i just fucking tweaked and lay'd low. 20 minutes later my boy comes out adn is like wht the fuck are you doing. At this point i was curled up in a ball in the back seat. (Note: im 6'1 in the back of a 2 door ford escort, so i wasnt very hidden.) I was just sitting there tweaking. I told him what happend and he said that the reason i saw lights was because there were two cops pulling over a car. All that stressing for nothing.

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