Lets see your soil grow reservoir setups

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Kalford, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Looking for ideas to build a reservoir for watering via sump pump and wand.

    I'm in a 10x10 shed and hauling jugs of water out there is a pain let alone my neighbors probably think I'm retarded.

    My idea is a large water res I can fill every couple week with the hose. That res will contain air stones and a recirculating pump to allow chlorine and stuff to evap and keep the water moving. I'll use a sump pump to fill a secondary res where I will mix enough nutrients for one feeding. That secondary res will also have a sump pump that I can hook to water wand and feed with.

    Anyone with a setup they would like to share and input on designing one.
  2. Wondering the same question...could you use a 55 gallon drum? I know thats a popular method in hydro and I dont see why you couldnt use the same idea for a soil grow. Are you saying that the secondary res will only be for nutrient applications and the regular one will be for plain water? As for the water wand...would something like blumats be easier? Just because it would take the hand watering aspect out of it unless I am missing something.
  3. That's kind of my thought having the plain water res be used for both filling the second res to mix nutrients and also be able to use it as plain water between feeding. I looked into blumats or top drip however watering by hand every couple days wouldn't be so bad with a wand I can reach the back and that. Gives me time to have a look at everything. Untill i can dial in a strain I wouldn't know where to start with automatic watering.
  4. I use a 450 gph submersible pump plugged in to a power strip mounted on the wall. Flip it on and do your watering. When you're done flip it off.

    I prefer to mix teas in gal jugs or 5 gal buckets. A funnel and a length of PVC does the same job as a wand, gets to the plants in the back.
  5. Thanks dense i think I'll go for it and set something up.

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