Lets see how much dank I can smoke in 20 min.

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    Im going to smoke as much of this dank I bought for 60 and 8th in 20 minutes.

    How much do you predict I can burn through? Im going to guess 1 gram. By the way, this shit is fluffy as fuck! I will be using a bubbler and taking moster rips and holding it in no shorter than 5 seconds. I will be smoking in front of my computer so ill keep you guys updated.

    I will be scaling out all the bud I smoke so no Bullshittin.

    I will also take a before/after pic of my eyes.

    And if your just going to hate like I think some of you will, go right ahead. I dont care.
    Ill start smoking at 12:15am


  2. if you want to im sure you could kill the whole thing and be retarded. you may wind up around 1-1.5 g's left so you smoked about 2. my guess is 2g if you cant smoke the whole thing. goodluck and i hope it was worth it. have fun

  3. whats yo problem, buddy? eh?????

    i dont think he ever said that was his prerogative. :confused:

    im going to guess half 8th. i did this in 9th grade, except for 30 minutes. i smoked 1.6.

  4. I dont think his post deserved such hostility, all of us like to get really really high and that is all this guy seems to be trying to do, but he is just trying to document it.

    I though am interested to see if you burn through that whole sack you bought, and to see you before compared to after. Have fun dude and let us know how it went.
  5. roll a couple fatass doobies and you can do it in 30 minutes probly.
    ganna be an interesting eye shot though.
  6. Lightin up right now. Here it goes!
  7. Looks like some bomb shit, I predict around a gram or two :hello:
  8. you could easily smoke it all, lol but i wanna see the before and after pics
  9. bowlpack 1- . weight : .4 - done
    bowlpack 2- weight: .4 - in progress
  10. Documented how dank fucks you up.
  11. This bowl i hereby spark for Easylivin.
    [​IMG]I like this idea and i want to try it next time i pick up. Maybe it will remind me of some good old times and remind me i still do get really high.
  12. DITTO. Hit us up with some pics
  13. this is a great idea dude, fuck the haters. rep+
  14. I bet you could kill it all... ive smoked a quarter in one sitting.. no idea how much time probably like an hour and a half. Talk about feeling good? damn dude.
  15. bowlpack 3 done.

    i smoked only 1.2 in 25 minutes. I suck haha but im high as hell:D

  16. holy shit your eyes are red as a mother fucker. job well done
    edit: or " as red as the devil's dick"
  17. lol ur done son!
  18. lol :hello: get your self some grub! (and report :p )
  19. :eek:...
    I came back on to see the outcome. My sweet Jesus you're ripped; Nice experiment :D
  20. ha ha ha this is my kind of experiment:smoking:

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