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  1. Hey GC, in my current grow I am hoping for a minimum of 2 oz per plant.:) I know it may not seem like much at all compared to you expert growers, but its hard for me to tell how much ill get. They are looking pretty good and going over 4 feet now. Ill get some pics up soon..However I am a nooobie and I want to see some of your plants! lets see what some indoor plants look like! If you could give a dry wieght of the finish product, lighting, any other info you would like to share :hello:
    Lets see em
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    Here's mine as of...well...5 min ago.

    Uhhh...I'm not really predicting any yield numbers...that can be disappointing. So I just opted not to do that, I get what I get. These lovely ladies still got another 6 or 7 weeks to go. They were scrogged I don't know how well I did at that but if they fill in nicely over the next month or so I won't complain.

    Anyway for my last grow, I got a about 4 oz from two plants that weren't really finished they probably could've used another 2 or 3 weeks. I grow those with no training, just nice marijuana bushels :) under a 400swatter.

    2 ounces of how ever many 4 footers you got isn't unrealistic though. I guess when you get pics up we can try to give you a ballpark

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  3. those look great! your tops are getting nice and frosty :D. i still have yet to look into the scrog method. I hear it can make big yields per plant! 2 oz per plant is pretty good. Also I have 1000's so im hoping for the best. Ill get pics up later tonight hopefully :hello:. Thanks for sharing!
  4. so here are some pics.. the first ones of my ladies... they are usually camera shy so i dont take many pics.

    sorry about the quality, im having problems getting pics with the lights on.. I just had about 3 of the tall plants get over 4 foot.. the others are on their way looking good :D. I am pretty new and have never grown this size before so any critique would be helpful:).. any ideas on how many ill get per plant?? i'm hoping for 2 oz per plant. i topped them twice so they have about 4-6 main colas per plant.

    the other side of the room has a shorter strain.. they look amazing but averaging 2.5 feet right now.

    today is the last day of week 1 flowering.

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  5. Holy mother Balls, Batman!
    Thats a Fucking forest!

  6. Holy fooking shit!!!:eek: you got hella bud sites on dem bitches:cool:

    Dude, 2 ounces should not be a problem with those ladies.
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    Thank you! That's my first +Rep. :)

    like I said earlier, I'm way new to this and just trying to do my best. Shooting for a minimum of 2 oz per plant. Glad you think ill make it! I would love some of you with grows under your belt to show me some of your ladies! And if harvested already, how much you produced from them ;) just so I can get an idea of how much I will get.

    Ill take any advise or criticism, feel free to ask me questions. Thanks again you guys!

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