Let's say there IS a hell...

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  1. and we knew it for a fact. Could a man be sent there for hoping that another man is already there?

    Because if there is a heaven and a hell I hope that sick fuck who killed all those kids and their teachers in CT is rotting in hell right now.

    Gettin raped by the devil for eternity.

    What are your blades' thoughts? :smoking:
  2. But what if God is a guy who really hates potheads and sends them down to hell, and it turns out that Satan is a stoner and he isn't that bad after all, what if he is a pretty chill dude. Puffin the devils dank everyday.

  3. Pretty sure hoping someone goes to hell isnt in the commandments so you're good
  4. why would the devil be puffin devils dank, did he make it himself? or is the dank called devils dank cuz the devil smokes it?
  5. well according to my homeboy, who has turned into an even bigger jesuit than before, anything that makes you feel good will send you to hell cuz god is a jealous bitch. not his exact words but I did get him to admit if he/it/whatever is jealous. I could list all the ridiculous shit he spouted last night, quite hilarious, apparently the world will end in 2060 cuz it says so in the bible.
  6. no
    if hell were real i rthink it says in the rul2e book only God caan do that
  7. Read Hell by chuck palAhnuik
  8. hell to me, would be sitting in the never ending loop before you reincarnate.

    fuck that shit son.
  9. Hell was not created for Man.....it was not for lucifer and his followers......Religious people made hell into what it is so they can control society by saying God was sending them to hell for lying
  10. Irrelevant question. Growers smoke their own shit all the time.
  11. I don't know man, but I wouldn't wish hell on my worst enemy. And yes, there is a special place in Hell for that dude.

  12. That would he okay with me:cool:
  13. If you have faith hell is real then there is a hell, and it will only be as bad as you think itll be. If youre dumb enough to think youre gunna spend eternity there then you deserve it anyway.

    Im goin to the afterlife of titties and chocolate pudding..
  14. good question.

    ask him when you're in hell.
  15. i think id rather go to hell. To many rules to get into heaven.
  16. Personally, I don't believe in heaven and hell as religion depicts it.
    My belief is that humans cannot know what happens after death. You can't say there is a heaven and a hell for sure because there is no way of knowing, they are man-made ideas in my mind.
    I like to think that either there is no afterlife or that whatever you believe will happen to you will happen. Like say you really believe your going to hell when you die, then you will, say you honestly think you will be reincarnated as an eagle then you will. Say you believe you will go to chocolate pudding and titties heaven then you will!

    Like if I died right now while typing this I think that I would go up to the great ganja field in the sky, surrounded by friends and family and other people throughout history that I've always wanted to meet and just toke with them and have a good time!

    There's know way of knowing...until your dead that is. I just like to ponder over it and discuss it in depth with my fellow blades a little.
  17. Surely, if Hell is such a bad place, and Bad people go there... Would they not kinda like it? Surely the worst place for an evil person to go is a place filled with Angels and harps and shit...
  18. I'm over these "the world is gonna end" predictions lol...

    And at OP as far as if hell is real. Well I see it a symbol of how ones life is on earth. So if your suffering now, your in hell. If your not your in heaven. Beyond this life I think no one truly knows I don't think the typical hell one thinks of exists though outside of this life.

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