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lets raid this house for and kill the dogs in front of the 7 year old and mommy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Nutrition Facts, May 25, 2010.

  1. Wow i live like 30 min from where this happened... Thats fucked up...
  2. Lol inflated ego? I don't have an inflated ego, I just stand up for what I think is right. Obviously you misunderstood me. I agree about showing people the videos. I showed people right after I saw it and yeah, most of them are desensitized. I was angry WHEN I SAW THE VIDEO, I'm still angry that this kind of stuff happens happens over marijuana but not to the point where I'm going to get my point across to other people by being angry. And isn't the point of being a hippie to be peaceful and get your point across in a peaceful manner? At least where I'm from that's how it works. I think someone needs to get their facts straight ;)
  3. I agree with this 110%

    This is more along the lines of what I was trying to say.
  4. [ame=]YouTube - Patriot Act - South Park Style[/ame]
  5. Im being 100% honest when i type this. I can feel every single ounce of hate building inside me after watching this video. There is no way i'm going to stand by and let this happen anymore.

    I am now fully an anarchist. Fuck the government, fuck the police, fuck this country.

  6. your not alone brother.
  7. Wow, this video makes me wonder which is worse:
    South African police under-reacting (if reacting at all), or American police over-reacting.
    I think this video answers that question...
  8. i would fucking kill one of those bastard if thay killed my dog for no god damn reason you break in to my house without me answering the door what the hell has this country become aa bunch of emotionless soldiers that kill on comand wtf but i dont have to worry here its decrimalised and no one cares i am in minnesota
  9. acording to the goverment we all are terrorists here is a page that list the things that are a potential thret to terrorism You Are A Terrorist its sad that we no longer live in a free usa
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    Well that's a good thing, because I don't look normal at all.
    I'm squeaky clean on that website.

    Cause I'm a real American. And real Americans don't look normal.
  11. This video seriously has me pissed off, being a dog lover and all. If those motherfuckers came into my house like that, and killed my dogs with my kid there, id have their fucking heads. I cant beleive that guy stayed so calm. Id be spitting and cussing and going crazy. Thats like killing somebodies fucking family member, now that kid has to remember that all his life.

    I serioulsy hate this country sometimes. NO COPS ARE QUALITFIED ! Its to easy to become a cop, any wanna b rambo with a clean record can be one. This should of never happened, but the cops probably got a slap on the wrist
  12. I would sue the fuck out of that team, not for the money, for their jobs. Even that could never replace a family pet like that. God that is fucked up.
  13. speaking of cops, in my grandparents town there was a cop going 70 on a 25 mph street. He was drunk and he was using his cellphone, he hit a 15 year old boy and killed him. The cop's dad was the police chief came and brought his son to a hospital far away before anyone else came to get out of a breathalizer test. The boy's parents were not even called till hours later.
  14. I could kill those cops without blinking.
  15. why hasn't there been any news or events of payback to these fucked up abominations we like to call pigs? Seriously, if i lived in whichever state those cops were from i would BEAT the fucking shit out of every one of them and set their houses on fire and take a fucking steamy dump down there necks.
  16. This video absolutly outrages me and the sad part is one of my unlce and my aunt are apart of the DEA and I do recspect what they do....but this kind of shit is has got to the point like fuck I dont even know where to start...our politicians are worried about the "health" of marijuana users and thats the reason their keeping it illegal......its not even about the "health" effects anymore look what cigs do to you or alcohol...i mean fuck look what cheeseburgers can do to wake the fuck up look what is happenong around all because of this "war" on drugs....not even drugs marijuana over 60% of the drug budget is on marijuana when thats the thing thats not even killing where area ll the fucking meth labs and coke and blah blah people are fucking dying completely inappropiate shit like this is happening

    criminals are criminals marijuana was legal then shit like this wouldnt be happening and the "DEA" can worry about the real fucking drugs

    sorry about the rambling...i could write more but I had to cut myself off cause most of you already know the facts...this shit just got me really fired up...i need a bong hit
  17. Thats disgusting. I hope something terrible happens to every one of those cops families.
  18. This video is a good example of who the real criminals are. A certain NWA song came to mind.
  19. Let's not say anything about their families. Their families had nothing to do
    with this incident. It is the individual cops who did it. They are the ones
    who should have to pay.

    I agree with pretty much everything everyone has said in this thread.

    What the cops did was pretty low.

    If the cops came into my house and killed my dog, I would put out
    ads in all the newspapers describing the officers disgusting actions.

    Don't get me wrong. I am no police hater. I respect the police for
    going into hams way to protect honest citizens.

    Sometimes however, things like this make me question how
    these police are trained.
  20. Growing fascism in the disguise of protectionism.
    Makes me sick.:cry:

    If they killed my dog... i don't know what I'd do. That's like killing part of my family.
    I honestly think I'd return fire if time was permitted.

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