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lets raid this house for and kill the dogs in front of the 7 year old and mommy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Nutrition Facts, May 25, 2010.

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    Horse shit and Pig shit may be different, but they still stink. :mad:
  2. If I even hear about a raid on my house there is going to be some C4 on the door and me waiting with a good ol 12 gauge.... This video cannot make me any more angry... :mad:
  3. I could shoot someone if they did this to me. This would definitely hold up in court. The cops fucked themselves for filming it too.

    I don't mind cops, But I would kill a pig and make bacon in seconds.
  4. Wow I suppose any lunatic can apply for a job with the US government and get in. What a sorry excuse for a human being.
  5. Even months after this video was posted, there still at least 50 comments a day, 45 of which are marked as spam by some fuckhead. Goes to show how much of an impact it made. It was unfortunate that this had to happen to the man, his family, and his dogs, but at the same time i shed light on the issue of prohibition to a lot of nay-sawyer. Like, a fuckin punch in the face.
  6. This paragraph makes me sick... For one, you don't get all hopped up on MJ, you get relaxed, calm, and hungry... And one dog was CAGED and the other, look at the picture on the first page and tell me if that dog looks like a threat... And another thing, if I got 10+ cops in my house with most of them having ARs, HELL NO I'm not going to sic my dogs on them, that's like suicide...

  7. I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic...

  8. Yeah, as theAguaman said, it's sarcasm....

    Child Endangerment? Yeah, cause busting into a house with fully automatic guns and shooting about 15 bullets ISN'T putting that child in danger.

    Mofo's be damned!
  9. That's a maneater! let's shoot it repeatedly!
  10. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: im raging right now. how in the fuck did they justify killing the dog in the cage? hes in a fucking cage and because hes caged he cant hurt the cops in any way not that he could anyways they got like bulletproof vests on and shit. if there that afraid of dogs why don't they taser it or subdue it non lethaly. if cops raided my house and killed my dog i don't even know what the fuck id do theyd probably have to kill me id be trying to stab and fucking destroy the faggot ass cop that opened up on my dog. i bet the cop didnt even get in trouble for it. how can they think what there doing is right?
  11. It's pretty hard for me to determine sarcasm on the internet lol. I'm sorry about that post then.

  12. I feel yah:mad:

    I was torn between anger and tears.

    This gives a whole new meaning to the second amendment to me.
  13. I'm like in tears right now. What the fuck is wrong with people? This isn't right. All of us here on this forum smoke pot, am I wrong? I highly (no pun intended) doubt it. Marijuana probably plays somewhat of an important role in our lives. What if this happened to you? Really imagine it. How the fuck would you feel? Why do we have to hide what we do? Why do some of us feel ASHAMED?! I'm the first one to be proud of what I do, not because smoking pot is a great accomplishment, but because I enjoy it and I enjoy the whole lifestyle that surrounds it. I love what it represents. Let's all fucking take a stand against this type of shit. I know after watching this I am. Show this video to as many people as possible, take SOME KIND OF ACTION so the rest of humanity sees how fucked up shit really is.

    Excuse my language, I'm just heated right now.
  14. 1 Gram of Bud- $20
    Possession of Marijuana- Around $100
    A man's memories with his best friend(s)- Priceless
  15. I cant beilve they killed a fucking dog, if any cop killed my dogs I would fucking kill the cop.

    Why is it that its not ok to smoke weed but its ok to break into someones house with guns and shoot their dog?

    Cops need to catch actual criminals instead of harmless pot smokers
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    absolutely fucked up, that makes me SO fucking angry i would love nothing more to have a one on one with any of those pigs just to fuck there face up with my fists and put them in a cage like the dog shooting pussies they are.
  17. Silence is a major problem here in America the people and politicans have forgotten their heritage they are so afraid to be Free out of fear of pissing someone off that nothing beneficial ever gets done for our Country. 'Land of the Free, Home of the Brave' is so supposed to be more than words. Silent is so Un-American and watching this country slowly fall is neither Brave nor Free. I wish I had lived during Americas prime, that era was truly a 'Land of the Free and Home of the Brave', the people were willing to fight for freedom and rights within America and defend from threats without. Now... the american people struggle and dont care how corrupt it gets until Law Enforcement use some of that corruption on them.

    There are alot of examples go look for them.... Airport Kiddy fondling (they might have bombs in their private areas so lets search them over and over again?)... Plant Possession=years in jail(OMG he has a pot plant lets throw him in jail for years that will teach him to use a safer cigarrette non-cancerous alternative)... DEA slaughtering Dogs for grams of weed (Animal Cruelty is allowed if you work for the gov't... didnt you know that?)
  18. Huh.. that dude is definitely set for life after that.
  19. I'll respond to your post in order.
    You are wrong. I will partake of the herbage if/when it becomes legal. I don't partake now because I don't feel like getting ass raped in prison by a guy named Bubba.

    You're not the first one to be proud of what you do. But congrats on having an inflated ego. :wave:

    I have shown people the videos. But they don't respond. It's like they're already dead inside. "If it were my dog(s) I would be pissed," so they say. Well that accomplishes nothing. People are so desensitized towards violence that they don't care anymore as long as it's not happening to them.

    What's more, you accomplish nothing with your anger and false pride. You should reconsider your stance when showing people the video. No one will listen to an angry hippie spewing hatred towards "The Man." That's far too stereotypical.

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