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lets raid this house for and kill the dogs in front of the 7 year old and mommy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Nutrition Facts, May 25, 2010.

  1. This type of shit makes me applaud people like the unibomber.
  2. I'm glad I got to see the war on drugs and all it's positive effects:rolleyes:
  3. Fuck The Police.
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    Dude I swear we share brainwaves, everything you've posted is exactly all my thoughts etc etc. And ya I was shaking after all this because my girl just got a baby red nose and it is the most ADORABLE harmless thing. Pit bulls aren't aggressive unless you make them aggressive like any other dog, and its sad he shot it because of the name they have. That is like me walking down the street and seeing a black person and shooting them down because of the bad names people give them, THEY ALL ARE NOT TRUE! Same goes for whites, mexicans etc. I'm not trying to be racist in any way, just making a point so no one take offense please.
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    :) lol
  6. /Sarcasm
  7. When I hear that guy cry over his dog... Well... I don't need to finish.

    I feel a profound sense of empathy for the family and the "suspect" when I watch that video. It is truly sad and was uncalled for.

    DEA should have had their intel in check before they made what seemed like an impulsive move.

    Where is the public support for this guy? Shit - I'm not the protesting type (sorry), but for THIS - you know damn WELL I'd be there backing this guy up.
  8. Happy now??? :wave:
  9. R.I.P dogs. :mad: fuckin pigs...way to go

  10. Exactly.
    This is outrageous.
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    Worst part about it is that when a single cop dies in the line of duty because some crazy motherfucker shoots him or something, he gets a huge memorial, or a parade or something. Then shit like this happens and the innocent people (or animals in this case) that are shot are sort of thrown into the dark. "Whoops, shot your dog? Your 7 year old daughter? lol, sorry. misfire."

    But when it's one of them, then it's a big deal. Fuck that.
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    word. just like a couple years ago in NY when they shot that innocent man 19 times who was reaching for his wallet. "lol oh, sorry. my bad "

    this shit makes me sick. there really is no justice when it comes to the law enforcement
  13. If it makes anyone feel better, (like it does for me) it looks like we have the story WRONG. The Corgi was shot but not killed, I found a few different articles about this. It was shot in the paw and is going to be fine. The pitbull was not in a cage and was killed. They say it was acting aggressively, and I guess it's their word against whomever. I still think it is totally F'd up, but not as bad. I was so pissed about the Corgi. I find it very ironic they charged this guy with child endangerment, when they busted in 'Guns a Blazin'...

    Columbia, Mo., police respond to video of shot dog -

    Columbia, Mo Police Under Fire For Dog Shooting Video - KTVI

    I can sleep at night now...
  14. I truly can't comprehend this. How can someone be this heartless? I swear that the people who did thise aren't cops, they are fucking cowards, hiding behind guns, and badges. It's rediculous the things that happen, when I first watched I thought this was fake, I wonder how somebody could be so aggressive and blood thrirsty to kill 2 dogs infront of a little boy and arrest his father at midnite. I feel so sorry that little boy needs to be scarred, and fucked up his whole life because of this.
  15. Pissed off a SWAT guy today.

    So I'm driving to work and am running late simply because the Law Enforcement is having this run thing, for like 10 miles and shit. So they have 2 ambulances and all state troopers taking up 1 lane of traffic so this fuckers can run infront of them. It turns out after passing it all, I got to work 10 minutes late, and the rally point was at my job. I knew this because I saw two guys wearing the same shirts just standing and waiting.

    A few minutes later a state trooper car pulls up and drops off a tall dude, wearing a SWAT shirt. It instantly reminded me of the Columbia video and I started talking to my employee about it. I said if he comes in he's getting it.. my employee simply said I bet he is.

    Well, the first 2 white shirt runner cops came in, used the rest room .. than it was his turn. Mr. SWAT Officer came in, on his way out it went like this. Short and sweet..

    Me: You're in SWAT huh..?
    Him: Yes, after five years.
    Me: So you shoot dogs too?
    Him: *First his facial went blank, and then turned pretty angry as he said..* That's a very rude comment to make, you're steriotyping. (Dont qoute me on this I forget what he said this happened friday, something along these lines.)
    Me: Ehh, cops steriotype.
    Him: WELL I'M SWAT

    and stormed out. Not going to lie, I was almost scared, I've never popped off to a cop before without a reason.. last time I did was when a rookie searched my car over a cigar and had the K9 come and me sitting handcuffed on burning asphalt. After finding nothing he gave me 2 tickets for 20 over the limit and a broken windshield. I snapped than.

  16. +Rep for not being afraid of free speech
  17. This is such BS. I would have came unglued and ended up shot if it were me. They need to put those cops in jail for animal cruelty and let the guy go.
  18. You've got to be fucking kidding me.
    Those cops just ruined that child's life.
    If a parent need to take a hit or two off a pipe, i say let him; better than being a drunk, or being addicted to pills.
    This is just awful.
    They shot his fucking dogs! That is not even the least bit necessary, and for just a few grams..
  19. well at least one swat had his prozac for the day
  20. bumpin with new video
    [ame=]YouTube - Our dogs blood guts and brains after being shot by DEA in house raid uncovering a gram of marijuana[/ame]

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