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lets raid this house for and kill the dogs in front of the 7 year old and mommy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Nutrition Facts, May 25, 2010.

  1. I had to reply again to this thread to warn everybody not to watch that first video, when I heard the pop and the dog screaming in pain I couldnt watch it anymore. I almost about had tears in my eyes, i cant believe that those cops can be so heartless like that. Im really freaked out that this shit is going on over a fucking plant and like I said in my first reply, I would make those cops wish they were dead if those were my dogs that got shot and killed.

  2. Because being a fireman is not a position of power.
    You can't abuse the rights nor crush the freedoms of a 20 foot wall of flames.
    You can't visciously beat an innocent civilian with a firehose and call it "doing your duty."
    You can't shoot small family-owned animals if you are a fireman. Your job is to save them.

    That is why the power hungry become policeman.
    Not all of them, of course.
    But certainly these ones.
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    Because dischargning a weapon multipule times with no particular plan for no particular reason in a residence with a child, not to mention innocent adults, not to mention being in a residential neighborhood full of all manner of unaffiliated people, doesn't endanger anything.

    *edit* about that 7 year old girl.... What the FUCK? the suspects car was out front, Why could a pair or trio of plainclothes officers not have simply waited, and swiftly apprehended the suspect as he was entering his car? They could have even done that with sharpshooting support, if they felt the need for the firepower, without risking the lives of small children.

  4. I could imagine what he was thinking....

    "Dear god, don't look into it's eyes, these pot smokers have mind control dogs! SHOOT IT! SHOOT IT!"

    fuckin ridiculous and pathetic excuse for a "drug raid".... Hell pathetic and ridiculous for Drug Enforcement...
  5. This doesn't even make me that mad I'm just really upset by the fast that they killed the two dogs and I just feel like those people are sick and I really just don't know what to say, it's just really sad. I can't imagine what would be going through the kids' heads just seeing their dogs dead and covered in blood and bullet holes and it was a little unnecessary to shoot like 6 or 7 times.

    This video just makes me sick
  6. this kinda stuff makes me want to become a cop just to stop this shit from happening
  7. I don't care if that guy was a dealer or not. You don't discharge rounds if it is unneccessary. The dogs were not endagering any of the SWAT team members lives. Most of the team members were over rate and the way in which they cleared that house was completely wrong. The officer didnt even have the Miranda rights memorized. I have no respect for the Columbus PD at all now that I saw this. It makes me sick they they shot those dogs. I can't even imagine what that child is going through losing probably one of his 'best' friends.
  8. I don't even know what to say to this thread, it makes me LIVID. Especially after all the bullshit I've gone through with cops for NO reason, if anyones lives in CA they'll know exactly what I mean. Honestly, like another poster said this almost brought tears to my eyes and I had to stop watching it.. I'm so furious with that video right now I can't even finish this post, animal cruelty is the most FUCKED UP SHIT EVER. Some people actually look at their pets as their children because some aren't lucky enough to conceive..
  9. thats so messed up, i don't care if the dude had 20 kilos of coke in his house, that was unnecessary
    they should have at least been calm with the shit..they act like they're fighting dangerous terrorist
  10. I was going to start a short T break until I saw this. Wow this got my adrenaline going. I'm just stunned...I may need to smoke.
  11. ...i hate cops...ever since i was a kid I JUST NATURALLY NEVER LIKED THEM...they arrest the innocent and keep the world endangered...i wish the world was divided into areas of land.
  12. Dude, what if the guy was all hopped up on marijuana? It was imperative that they quickly breach and clear the house, and neutralize the canine threat before the marijuana addict could sic the dogs on the peace officers.
  13. Havent read the thread and am about to run out for work so didn't have time to.

    Saw the video and felt instantly sick to my stomach once I heard the dog crying. If this was my dog, you best believe when I get out of jail I'm calling in a suicidal hostage situation at my own house and waiting down the block for swat to arrive and I'd do all those mother fuckers in.

    If anyone hurt my dog I'd fucking kill. It's like a child.

    What pisses me off is when cop dogs get killed they arrest you for murdering a police officer. So what difference is it when its a family dog, they should be tried with 2 counts of murder. Those dogs are like family.

    Also, does anyone know what happened and are there any updates to this. How's the guy doing what was he charged with and how did it all pan out. Whats his actions towards the cops. I kind of want to buy him a new dog.
  14. bet they wont put this one on cops... fucking assholes. does anyone know there aftermath of this?
  15. That's horrible.

  16. I'm shaking after watching this. This is the most messed up thing I have every seen. How could they be so heartless. They showed no emotion what so ever. Feel so bad for the victim, really curious if he is sueing them over this.
  17. I was at a dinner party earlier today and my buddies brother in law is a cop. I told him the story and he said "Where in the hell did this happen?" I told him where, he said "we don't roll like that here, I'd shoot a dog if it was after me, but a little dog like that I would just kick across the room and continue my business." He didn't say any more then that. I wish I didn't watch the video, because I can hear that dog crying in my head all day...:( Really disturbing... Gotta go hit the vaporizer and calm down....
  18. What's bullshit is if the cops raid your house with a dog and you kill it they charge you with murdering a police officer. So if dogs are considered family to them - what's that make them to us. Those cops should be charged for murder just like we would of been.

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