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lets raid this house for and kill the dogs in front of the 7 year old and mommy.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Nutrition Facts, May 25, 2010.

  1. agreed. And think, that raid was payed for by us (tax payers)... Such a waste of time, money and energy...
  2. what's a "house for" ?
  3. That's a very good video, and a very informed viewpoint. Although I don't agree with the guy anchor, what scares me is that if raids are happening at least 100 times a day, and shit like this is typical, what the fuck is wrong with our police force that they feel this is necessary? We don't live in Iraq, he wasn't making bombs, and the assholes felt like it was proper to use that amount of force FROM A TIP, not even looking into it. It sounds like the neighbor just called the station, and from there the PD called SWAT. What. The. Fuck. :mad:

    Edit: To the poster above, I think it's just a typo. It may have originally said " for marijauana..." or something similar.
  4. The United States Government:

    Terrorizing non-violent cannabis users for the profit of the Tobacco, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical, and Petro-Chemical companies since 1937


    Also, shooting a caged dog... THE FUCK?
  5. this is so fucking outrageous.. i can't beleive it. Total loss of words here..
  6. Those officers/Nazis that shot the dogs should be fired. I mean really a caged dog? wtf Im with madhasher :mad:
  7. This is FUCKED up beyond belief. I cannot even believe how disgusted this makes me wow.
  8. They also decided that waiting 8 days until after they got the warrant to raid the house was a good tactic. All the officers involved, not just the swat teams, but the officers that organized and approved this violent raid, they all need to be fired, fined, and jailed for this disgrace of a raid. Killing two innocent animals and mentally traumatizing a child probably for the rest of his life, yeah great fucking police work. What happened to "Protect and Serve" I didn't think it was "Murder and Scare." The use for this form of police tactics for a non-violent crime is outrageous.
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    Police Department, please suck my fucking dick. :mad:

    how the hell do you sleep at night?
  10. I can't even finish watching the video.. as soon as he finds out his dog was shot.. that's way too sad
  11. What the fuck!
  12. Think of the good times they had with those dogs.

    Think of the good times they had with their child.

    They were a good family and State power came and pissed on it.
  13. that is so wrong...the dea needs to just take respect...sure our great drug marijuana is currently illegal but its fucking kids and animals....horrified and having a traumatic event to remeber for the rest of there life to lock up some people for pot? common...
  15. this infuriates me... so fucking much... i dont even know what to say...

  16. Yeah, I just about lost it when I heard the dogs screaming after the first shot, like 30 seconds in the video. I had to stop when he found out his dog was killed, too. It's just fucking horrible. :(
  17. I just don't how they get away with this shit. It's very clear that if not the acting officers, the judge/whoever should be charged with manslaughter, if not through negligence.

    What a gross misuse of power. I literally jumped out of my chair screaming "DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT" at the top of my lungs when I heard them shoot the Corgi/CAGED pitbull. The animal cruelty police should be personally wanting to arrest these officers, ahem shit-rolling pigs.
  18. Im glad this was not me because I would have a tough time not doing the same thing to those cops. I'de probably get their names and badge numbers, find where they live, and do something to them so they see the pain they have caused. This shit just pisses me off to no end that corrupt cops can get a warrent to raid someones home that is not a drug dealer at all. Then on top of that they shoot the owners dogs when they posed no threat to the officers raiding the home. I guess I just value life more then these cops. Those dogs are no less entitled to their life then a human being, but apparently these cops think otherwise. Now they are dead over a small amount of pot and a bowl. What a shame!!

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