lets raid this house for and kill the dogs in front of the 7 year old and mommy.

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  1. oh yeah, we didn't find anything just a pipe with resin and a small baggy of pot... lets at least get this guy for child endangerment. That will show those stoners that WE are the ones who make the laws around here...

    Video of SWAT Raid on Missouri Family - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbwSwvUaRqc&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Columbia Mo SWAT Raid 2/11/2010. Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present[/ame]

    (warning: disturbing)

    thanks DEA. Thanks for messing this kid up for the rest of his life. You just did more damage in 2 minutes than dad's hidden baggy of weed would have ever done.

    How is this making the public safer?! Raiding with combat gear for a misdemeanor is the cool thing to do these days. Sorry if this has been posted, but what the fuck is this country coming to?
  2. i would sue the fuck out of this retarded ass government if that ever happened to me. they need better info and they are bursting into someones HOME, of course of there is animals they are going to fucking attack you, they need nonlethal tactics if its an iffy raid, this is just another fuck up by the goddamned retards that run the DEA
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    damn their reaction to the dog......
    ridiculous for what they found

    and thats why i say ....... you allready know what belongs in the dots lol

    also makes you wonder what kind of shit goes on when theres no camera
  4. I can't even think of a response to this.

  5. this stuff makes my blood boil. I'm not as smart as the guy on the video. If im not dead from spitting in the officers face while he is reading my rights... Id be in the hospital for only complying with "fuck you."
  6. thats FUCKED UP. i dont know what to say about it, its just disgusting.
  7. One of the dogs they shot was a corgi. Think of the police's terror when faced with...

  8. "So, honey, what'd you do at work today?"

    "Oh, I shot two dogs, one of em was caged up, but the other Corgi was fucking vicious, he attacked us!!"

    Fuck the pigs.
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    when you were 7 years old what would you do if for unknown reasons commando army dudes with "police" logos are breaking into your house with big ass guns? How about when they opened fire on your pets and you hear you hear your dog screaming in pain until they fire like 5 more bullets into it? Now they are kicking dads ass while he is saying "what did i do?!"

    the kid wasn't crying he was in fucking shock.

    then they slap child endangerment on it...

    so this 7 year old kid who got his pets taken violently in front of him, is about to lose his PARENTS.
  10. I'll bet you those fuckers were just itching to find a reason to use their guns. A corgi and a caged pitbull? Are you FUCKING kidding me? I know there are good cops out there, but these assholes are just pigs. Traumatizing the whole goddamn family at 2 in the morning, for a pipe and a couple grams of weed. That's disgusting. :mad: :eek: :mad: :eek: :mad:

    And no kidding about the child endangerment. The only danger that child was put in was from the police, when they busted into his house and immediately opened fire on his pets and arrested his dad.

    Thank you, Columbia Missouri Police Department, for another job well done. You really protected the rest of us from a private, occasional user of marijuana, and gave his kid a complex at the same time. Wonderful work, really, I commend you. :rolleyes:

    Jesus Christ.
  11. the cops should get child endangerment for shooting a little dog while there was kids two feet away
  12. Titty bang me sideways in a Tuesday morning. :mad: Fucking police like this make me want to become a police officer. Then I can be like Russel Crowe in American Gangster. All these crooked cops around, here comes olesmoky with his respect and honor for the badge! :smoke:
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    this:D:smoke:. fucking dea needs to die in a fire for that shit:mad:
    firemen do their jobs right why cant police do that?
  14. If the cops aren't prosecuted someone should get their names and home addresses.

    If not breaking and entering, destruction of property (murdered family pets), personal trauma and stress, I wouldn't have an after thought to slit their throats in their beds. Just because they're police 'they have the authority'? Governemnet to me is a farce, but if anyone put my child in harm, there's going to be a piper to pay... especially for an ignorant, mindless, worthless, replaceable cop.

    I say hang them upside down and let them bleed out like the pigs they are. Their lives -have no worth-.
  15. Fuck the government, fight the power.
    DEA, I hope you know, if you come to raid my house, and go after my dog......im shooting back.:wave:
    This has gotten me so enraged. We need to fight this police state until our last breath.
  16. FUCK THE POLICE, I hate fucking pigs someone should bust into there house and shot there fucking animals!
  17. the first cop that entered fired so quick it was like a half a second
  18. The funny thing about it is that they didn't even do enough investigation to figure out if he was actually dealing! They got a tip and just fucking broke in!!!!!
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V--tz3IMCY4]YouTube - Marijuana Raid Caught On Tape (Dogs Shot)[/ame]
  19. I'm more prone to believe we should shoot the police officers.

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