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  1. Oh my God, I got to the "pizza party" scene, and when the little black girl pulled out the chicken leg and the other girl started spraying whipped cream, I had quite frankly seen enough. I made it to about 4:30 I think...

    That shit is creepy.
  2. I only made it to 1:43 min lol so annoying
  3. That brought back painful memories that were seemingly unrelated to the video clip. Less than 1 minute.

    I have to go now.
  4. got to almost 4:30 before I got too bored to continue.
    pretty awesome before then though
  5. I'm going to have nightmares...
  6. 4 seconds
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    What do I win?!

    EDIT: Not sure how I expected it to end, but if I'd had expectations, they would have been shattered.
  8. first time made it all the way, im super fucking baked tho, and that was by far the funniest thing ive seen today, laughing made it pretty easy....that was a dope nasty ass pizza rap tho if i do say so..... lol

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