Let's make some KWISO

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    Grinders are awesome. I can't think of a more useful smoking tool other than a lighter and bong. But as your accumulate kief in the bottom, there is still plenty of good stuff all over the grinder. So let's get it all out and smoke it, shall we? :hello:

    -= Kief-Wash Iso =-

    What you'll need:

    - Grinder
    - Glass jar/cup
    - Isopropyl (Rubbing) Alcohol
    - Evap. plate
    - Razor edge

    1. Dis-assemble grinder and place pieces into jar or cup.
    2. Pour Iso in until entire grinder part is submerged.
    3. Let it soak there for a minute or so, shake/swirl it around gently to work the kief off the metal. (If you have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner those would work miracles)
    4. Do this with all necessary pieces and then pour the Iso into your evap plate (I use a pyrex dish)
    5. Let all the alcohol evaporate. I just let it sit by a window with a fan.
    6. Use the razor to scrape together your finished hash.
    Enjoy! :bongin:






    (Btw, I didn't even wash the actual kief holding part, only the top 3/4 and got all this)
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  2. holy shit it didnt even look like your grinder wwas that caked on with shit.
  3. The majority of this batch came from all the stuck bits in the screen.
  4. i need to do this......
  5. i need to do this with my 2pc grinder that has so much kief ground into it that i cant get out.
  6. damn dude, that's whats up I'm about to do that shit with my grinder. I already have all the materials. :hello: +rep
  7. hell yeah i'm about to do this shit, how long does it generally take to dry?
  8. Since you are only going to be using a cup or so of Iso it will be relatively short. I used 70% and had a fan over it, took 2-3 hours to be completely dry. If you use a 91% iso it will be a faster evap time.
  9. Awesome, simple guide. I'll be making some hash once my grinder gets a bit more use.
  10. I'm glad everyone is gonna do this, IT'S SO SIMPLE but it'll get you some of the best shit :)
  11. I just did it...my 91% alcohol barely changed color, it's a bit gold but it's not nearly as golden brown as your picture, hopefully it still comes out well.
  12. Good shit man I have never even heard of doing this before. Nor did I think to do this, even though it is clearly a great idea.

    Cheers man!!
  13. Don't worry, the color of the iso doesn't change much, we're not soaking buds. Let's see how it turns out!
  14. Nice! I made qwiso with stems last week but never thought of that

    ill let you know how it turns out
  15. how dangerous is doing this shit inside? i've had the plate in my room with the windows open wide and a fan by it for like 3 hours, it smells briefly outside the room but its not bad.
  16. i did this once but was already high and wanted the alcohol to evap faster so i put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

    don't do this ever. for any reason.
  17. It's not dangerous inside at all like butane is. Just don't be stupid lol
  18. Obviously you method is flawless as usual, but might I suggest a square or rectangular pyrex dish? It's much easier to scrape around the edges. you can get the razor blade flush with the side. That way you don't miss any! Nice guide.
  19. would i be correct in assuming, higher fan speed + more fans = faster evap time?
  20. That's really as dangerous as the butane hash oil is. You just need to know what you're doing. It can be dangerous, but it doesn't mean that it is dangerous.

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