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Lets Make Hooch!

Discussion in 'General' started by T.H.C-ERRRDAY, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Alright for you all under 21 and have no way to get alcohol.

    Heres my hooch recipe

    Start out with a bottle, i use a 2liter
    1 balloon
    100% Fruit juice or kool-aid
    Lots of Sugar
    Cooking yeast.

    Pour juice, sugar and yeast into bottle.
    make sure it mixed up well.
    Place balloon over top of bottle. place in warm dark area to ferment. It will inflate, and once it deflates its ready to drink. Usually 7-10 days
    You can do it without a balloon but you have to open the bottle every once in awhile or it can explode.

    After finished strain through coffee filter or similar straining device.
    Drink and Enjoy(warning tastes bile)

    It will indeed get you fucked up.
  2. .........

    You don't have any friends that are 21 or over?
    You can't find a fake anywhere?

    Fuck that.
  3. eh say what you will, taste about the same as a box of wine if you do it right.
  4. hell i might just try it out

    just for the hell of it
  5. do it dood try it with 100% grape juice.. it tastes better imo
  6. No wonder you wanted to kill yourself,your an alcoholic.....

    I shouldn't even be concerned,soooooooo seeeyaaaaaaaa
  7. Ooo a cop once told me about how people in prison use apple juice too.
  8. In case anyone is thinking of making pruno, it works alot better to smash up oranges/fruits and let them ferment, then add sugar on day 3-4. Rumor has it brown sugar works better, but in jail I used standard processed sugar packets and ketchup towards the end and of course didn't have the luxury to strain the liquid. Of course, I did have ample time to tend to the pruno and burp it...heat is crucial in the first few days as the oranges start to break down.
  9. I've made blackberry alcohol before using some that I picked, lots of sugar and yeast. It came out exceptionally tasty.

    But kool-aid? ewww...
  10. or 100% fruit juice
  11. Also, if you want bubbely wine, put a seal on the lid of the jar instead of a balloon. Make sure it will be able to take all the pressure though.

    This is a pretty cheap way of getting fucked up. Yeast is available at most non-commercial brewerys or vinyards.

    As OP mentioned, you need to strain the wine before you drink it. This is because a scum(dead yeast) will build up after every few days. To remedy this you can filter (as mentioned) or get a peice of plastic tubing and syphon the liquid from one container to another. (to syphon, stick one end of tubing into the liquid, above the yeast which should have settled to the bottom, and suck until you get the wine almost to your mouth, place that end of the tubing in another container on a lower level then the first container and the laws of physics will run their course. I would use stairs as every one has them somewhere in their house) I would reccomend syphoning, unless you are lazy and then really if you are drinking this wine to get fucked up, you won't notice a diffrence, but if you are planning on showing people your wine then syphoning makes it look more professional and you won't have a cloudy concoction at the bottom of your glass.
  12. I done that with dandelions.

    Its called dandelion wine.

    never again.

  13. hahaha same here. Sounds like such a good idea at first. Then you taste it.
  14. Methyl Alcohol poisoning is going to be on the rise due to this article.

    Please... if you're going to bother to make your own booze, do it right. Don't make yourself go blind.

    Do not take the OP's advice.
  15. whats the right way then.? no seriously, i would like to know.
  16. i'll stick to drinking Stone & Dogfish Head beers

    i guess if you ARE under 21 and desperate to get a buzz, you could make ur own hooch. Sounds disgusting though. I personally like to enjoy what i'm drinking

  17. It was so fucking terrible.
  18. i am currently making a batch with apple juice what do you think of using apple juice
  19. this sounds like a shitty, disgusting idea. smoke some weed partna' and wait for the days to pass until you're 21. drinking's nothing special anyways

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