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Lets Legalize Marijuana Together

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LVsmotpoker, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. I might just be high. I might've come to an epiphany. whatever it is i'm throwing it out there.

    I believe if every single stoner out there in the world started smoking our shit openly in the public. there would be no way they could arrest all of us or fine all of us could they? If America and the world saw how many people and what type of people actually use marijuana, it might make them realize the truth, that marijuana is NOT A DRUG!
  2. They're gunna arrest a lot of people. Don't feel like paying $100 fine anyways. Don't have extra money right now.
  3. Mj is a drug, get over it. There is no way you could say THC is not a drug considering the things it can do to your brain. And anyway, just because everyone does it, that doesn't make it not a drug. A whole bunch of the population does caffeine, does that mean caffeine is not a drug?

    And instead of risking arrest and fines, why don't you just start PEACEFUL protests.

    A whole bunch of people smoking pot in the streets and cops coming in to arrest and control the crowd can cause violence, and the last thing the world needs is to see "violent 'pot heads'"

    So no, I don't agree with you.
  4. Having major corporations provide representation and lobbying to bring about new legislation would be better. We could start by boycotting the record companies' products until they start doing this. Unfortunately, not enough people would be willing to participate.
  5. Million blunt march!!!!!!!!!!! They cant arrest us all!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
  6. Why is this in the MMJ forum? We're already legal.

  7. how is smoking weed in public violent? i would think smoking a blunt while taking a cool stroll would be one of the most peaceful things to do. dont you?
    i wouldn't consider weed a drug, it grows from the good earth and we smoke that shit to improve our lives. i'm not saying because everyone does it, its not a drug. your using convoluted arguments.
  8. only on a state level. the feds abuse the clinics. how can you not know that?

    and this was supposed to just be a friendly suggestion. a lot haters out there.
  9. Um, dude, I know far more about what's going on in the MMJ community than you think.

    Of course the feds don't consider it legal, duh. But since it's a states rights vs. federal rights issue, AND since the feds don't usually WIN those battles, I don't really consider the feds to be that much of a problem FOR PATIENTS.
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    A drug is any chemical substance that alters normal bodily function.
    THC = chemical that alters normal bodily function.
    Weed = Drug
    I don't care how you look at it. Does it mean its bad? No. Pills are drugs, yet people take them every day for headaches, cramps, colds, etc. Alcohol is also a drug, and so is tobacco and caffeine. People need to understand that just because it's labeled "drug" doesn't make it a bad thing.

    Anyway, you're idea. It's terrible.

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    Over 800,000 marijuana arrests in 2007 alone. They are, unfortunately, arresting a LOT of people. Not a good idea.

    Beer is an intoxicant. Yet people are not out in the streets chugging beer. There are limits to what is "acceptable" behavior in society. Considering a "contact" high is possible, public consumption of marijuana if ever legalized would be limited to "coffee shops." Not fair to have people worry about inhaling our smoke.

    All drugs come from the earth. Should we all shoot heroin and pass out in the streets as a form of protest? No. ;)
  12. To all you critical of how he said weed wasnt a drug. I agree, sure scientifically it does include drugs. Though look at it compared to the other drugs, i think its as close as you could get to not being a drug. No preparation at all, just pick it and its active.
  13. Not exactly, THC is not psychoactive until it is dried. It is most definately a drug. As posted by someone else though, being a drug does not make a substance bad. Plenty of us receive the rewards we seek from the use of this drug and many others.

    Civil disobediance can be a powerful message to legislaters. It has worked for other issues in the past. I'm not against acts of protest. We have several people suffering the consequences of these acts incarcerated right now. Perhaps recording and sharing some of their stories might be productive? I don't know, just an idea.


  14. Please tell me where I said MJ was the cause of violence, the mixture of civil disobedience and a force against that CAN be a cause of violence. IE, guy lights up a blunt, cop takes it out of his mouth, throws it away, guy gets angry (not from the MJ, in case you didn't know, some people have a tendency to use violence as a form of protest) and the guy hits the cop, cop hits and beats the guy back, other people see this and get angry, fights erupt, riot can start.

    Black people taking a cool stroll on the streets whilst stating their opinion on laws during that time period would be one of the most peaceful things to do. Too bad the cops came and beat them up and jailed them.

    Rosa Parks decided to sit on a bus, it is one of the most peaceful things to do. Too bad she got arrested which caused further protest which caused futher violence.

    There is such things as peaceful protests turning violent.

    And IF that happens, it would be the worst thing since the violent stereotype would come back, even though smoking MJ didnt make them angry, the general population would be quick to say that it did.

    I should re-instate my argument though, MJ isnt a drug, it is a plant. THC is a drug, which is found in the plant. Just because THC is natural doesnt mean its not a drug. Caffeine is natural, it is found in the coffee bean. Coffee is to MJ as Caffeine is to THC. Basically your saying caffeine isnt a drug either?

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