Lets KILL the Sterotype...!

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  1. STONER STEROTYPE: People who smoke weed are unmotivated... they do nothing to help the community.. they sit.. and smoke pot... and thats pretty much it. (Sadly, that was actually quoted from someone i know.)


    okay guys, we know that we all have experience the 'stoner sterotype' where we dont wanna do anything after smoking.. but I mean how often is that on a large scale?? I know everyone here has a successful life some way or another- so i decided to make this thread where we could post the accomplishments that we have made with MJ as our 'friend'.

    In other words- lets celebrate the good things that we have accomplished.. even if stoners. haha

    in another post I said I made Presidential Scholar this semester (all A's). Now, in high school- my counsler told me i wasnt a 'school' person and I shouldnt go to college.

    I was more focused on musical theater and getting to broadway then my upcoming math exam.

    ..I also didnt smoke pot.

    GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL...........smoke pot....= 3.8 gpa

    3 semesters on Deans List- 1 on Presidential Scholar.

    At age 17 i already had a full time job working as a paralegal in a lawfirm- I got the job all by myself and because of that i have gained a few years of law firm experience. I am 100% reliable on myself, pay my own bills...etc.

    I am now majoring in government/pre-law and my resume is longer than someone who normally would just have graduated college.

    Plus I am in the most amazing relationship in the world. If thats not a wonderful accomplishment that I have to put my all into- i dont know what is.

    Theres my example that even when smoking pot you can succeed.... now lets hear yours!!!!

  2. i have been playing sax for almost a decade now.

    i haven't had a chance in a while, but i absolutely love playing from my charlie parker omnibook stoned as hell. if any of you have ever listened to a charlie parker song, you will know what i mean.

    his music is incredibly good and his sound is what jazz saxophonists have been trying to recreate ever since he stepped foot on stage.

    i'm not a big fan of school, but i am attending community college and getting Bs and Cs. i'm just very unhappy taking my gen ed classes now, i feel like i'm wasting my time.

    other than that i do my best to be the friendliest and kindest person i can be, as long as the people i'm dealing with aren't being unkind or unfriendly to be.

    on a side note, i hate when people label EVERY person who smokes pot with EVERY person who smokes pot.

    that's like saying everyone who plays this sport, or drives this car, or watches this tv show, is this or that. it's a fallacy known as guilt by association, and is used so often to label stoners as lazy good for nothing druggies.

    (an example of unkind of unfriendly behavior brings this out)

    fuck whoever told you that.
  3. I volunteer at a Dog Shelter every tuesday, every thursday at the soup kitchen.

    I have an interview tom at the post office.

    In august i will own my own house.

    Freshman year of highschool, I started Defensive tackle for Varsity football. At the best Highschool For sports in cincinatti. State champions in most sports every year. (exageration lol)

    At the 2004 Cincinatti Chess Tournament I came in 3rd.

    Last October, i dropped out of highschool as a senior with a 3.2 gpa.

    The next day i had my GED test, and scored a 97 on it.

    In august i start school at Gateway College, ft write, for auto mechanics, auto tech, and auto body.

    In september I start school at Browne Mackie College, for a Business degree

    Last november, when i was still 17, i moved on my own to Florida to go an intense 4 week training course for me MECP, Mobile Electronics Certified Professional Program.

    I graduated Number 1 In my class!

    Four certifications are; Advanced Acoustics. Mobile Security / Navigation / Video. Fiberglass Technique. Basic Electronics.

    When i am 25, I already own the land in another city closer to cincinnati, i am building and opening my own Car Custimization and Tech store.

    And i smoke TONS and TONS of marijuana.

    And i do lots of blow.

    I can out eat any of my friends, or out smoke them, and they all know it! and i love it. haha
  4. I kinda wanna just sit there and smoke ;)
  5. i agree 100%. I think thats all I can even say about that- its ridiculous people putting labels on something they might not be 100% educated on. HOWEVER, i have to be realistic and say that EVERYONE at some point makes the mistake of stereotyping something. Before I smoked I had a negative view as I am sure many of you did. NOT of the people who did it though, I think that was the difference between me and other friends of mine- they hated the people.. i always try to be accepting of people. EVERYONE is different- it is ignorant to think that because someone does something that you dont agree with, or you dont understand they are bad or that thing is wrong. There are so many cultures and experiences that im sure we all have yet to undergo- and until we do im sure we are aprehensive about it- or even a bit judgemental.

    sadly, i dont think stereotyping is ever going to be solved. I think we as people has a need to feel that something that we treasure (our goals, our morals) is more important that the other persons goals or morals.

    anyone have anything to support or tear apart my argument? It would be interesting to see what peoples opininons are.

    on another note- gen. ed classes do suck- and I know it feels like you might be stuck, but once you get through it.. and start taking classes for your major- college gets a lot better.

  6. I never finished college, but I hold a full time medical position and I am a certified cardiac therapist, I have my own home and two dogs, i was the first to graduate from high school in my family, let alone start college, I am happily married, one of my pets is a foster dog we take care of. I am the testing coordinator at the medical pratice I work at, and I love my MOM. Now what. JK I think that all that bs, is just that bs, I know alot of people whoo smoke and do many things for others and hold jobs (good jobs, 6 digit jobs) I feel that if you r responsible then you can get what ever you need to get done. Thats just me though. :smoking: :D :smoking: :hello: :D ;) JOE>
  7. I get up every morning and build houses for people to live in.
  8. I couldnt have said it better myself. Its all about the attitude of the person. If someone has the urge to suceed- then they will suceed... end of story.

  9. I smoke tons of cheeb and i still managed to get her ^

    took me damn near 5 years to do it, but thats my success story.

    that and i made the deans list this semester. "if you study high and take the tests high, you get high scores"
  10. well i cant really say i did anything great with my life and smoked weed at the same time, i'm pretty much just a peice of shit thats destined to fail and die slowly
  11. i'm a industrial psychologist major, junior in college with a 3.2 GPA, doesnt help that i didnt do so well as a rocket scientist so thats why the GPA is so low
  12. Well, I play guitar, for about a year I've been doing so. I use to skateboard and I was pretty good at it then I quit cause I didn't want to start a career in it and everyone else was doing it so I just stopped. I have an awesome relationship with my girlfriend. I can't say the same with my school grades, I really don't know what I want to do in life. I usually spend time with my dad helping him work out in the yard (Cutting grass, picking weeds, planting flowers)

    I help my friends whenever they need it (with anything) Even my drug consuler said "You're a good person I just wish you didn't smoke." I'm a very good hardworker, my life as I see it hasn't been very successful. I've been madly depressed for the past 3 years. But now things seem to be getting better. Back then I wouldn't do shit (Not even talk to people) But now life seems to be rolling pretty fine. And I can't say that marijuana did not help me. Ever since I've started lifes been getting better. (Made new friends, cured most my depression, found a girl, made me understand alot more things I wouldn't have understood while being sober.)

    All in all my true love is for maryjane.
  13. I love you.


    And yes- In psychology this semester (it was an advanced psychology.....oooooooo special. haha my teacher thought so) we learned that while high or drunk- if one studies that way it is easier for the person to remember what it was their brain retained while high or drunk at the test.

    therefore.. SMOKE POT FOR SCHOOL! hahaha. Thats a new slogan....


    (I can see the posters around high schools now) :smoking:
  14. what high school did u got to man? i went to lakota for a year then moeller high school. where u go at?
  15. haha, moeller is a great school. But Cov cath, i talk like i live in cinci, but i live in nortern kentucky, u know how it is, its the same thing lol.
  16. haha yea. i was born in newport ky but moved over to north college hill when i was 16. cov cath a cool school to tho. i jsut didn't get along with most the peeps i met from there tho they was kinda stuck up ya know wat i'm sayin good to see there is some talent from there after all lol
  17. haha, i loved that school, but after sophmore year there, we moved out to walton from villa hills, so i transfered to Ryle, and there, the drugs began. lol

    But yea, there are alot of stuck up kids that everyone meets from cov cath, they try to represent it, and people like me made fun of them all day in school lol. It was fun. But there are alot of cool kids there.

    Ive dated a few girls from newport.
  18. She emphasizes how well she's doing, but i gotta emphasize how much reefer this girl smokes. :smoking: :smoking: She's smoked many a "seasoned toker" under the table. Keeps me on my toes:D
  19. Heh. Thanks!!!!

    Do I get some kind of award!?!?!- the I OUT SMOKE MY BOYFRIEND award (tehehe.)

    Colonel smokes a lot as well....works almost full time....and is on the Dean's list- so he has a lot to be proud of as well.


    From what I can tell we have a very talented and intelligent bunch of people here at GC Intelligence can be in many forms.....school....life......talents....and the best thing is these things are valued differently to so many people! I love hearing about what people have dedicated their lives to- cause i might not have thought about that......opening my eyes to new things and understanding different ways of life- its what IN MY MIND makes one a better person.
  20. Well lets see.... I didn't start smoking till after high school (although now I wish I had been doing it then too). After highschool I found myself a job that pays for college, I got promoted to a manufacturing engineer as they saw the potential for me grow. I am still attending college (almost finished 1 more year) and I have my own place. I also have been in a great relationship with my girl for 4 years now.

    Work for NASA
    Become a major influence in the decision to legalize pot
    Nice high school teaching job (Engineering)
    Early Retirement

    (I am not a CRIMINAL and I still can't believe this plant we love could someday make me one)

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