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  1. when ur plants are done what do u do with ur steams and roots?
    (people who live in u.s.)

    lets keep it real we aint suppose to grow it so i know u dont just put it in ur garbage or they might start being on to u so were do u disspose them? any ideas?

    also how much is an average cost of a onion? i never heard anyone ask for that befor and i seen it around the site quite a few times that is like 62 grams right? from my understanding please feel free to correct me if im wrong cuz a brick = 1000grams / 16(onions) is 62 grams each thats what i think im not quite sure can someone help me with the understand of that

    but my main question is after ur harvest what do u do with all ur stuff so people wont get suspecious
  2. Onion as in Ounce?

    Ounce = 28 Grams

    Theres 16 Ounces in a Pound

    16x28= 448 Grams...

    Pound = 448 Grams.


    Average cost of a ounce of some dank weed is like anywhere from 300 to 400 or even more. All depending on your state, strain, hook-ups, etc.
  3. yeah i wasnt sure i didnt think onion ment oz
  4. onion does mean an ounce..
    and what you talkin bout "lets keep it real"..
    whats that have to do with using/getting rid of stems & roots?
    you think people gon bullshit you bout what they do with it?
    anyways, i dont see why one wouldnt just throw it out with the rest of the trash.
    i know there aint much garbage pickers round my way, so most likely its just gonna get
    tossed out with the rest of my garbage..
    some might say that they throw it in they compost, others might say they just burn it..
    what i dont understand is why you cant come up with a logical way to dispose it on your own? it aint that hard, b..
    if you got the balls to grow it, you should have the balls to just throw it out on garbage day.....
  5. i live in a apartment complex and all the trash is in a dumpster since i live in a little town outside of chicago (cicero) we use a private company for garbage with that being said it will be easy to track it down if someone where to find out

    seems like ur taking it real offensive
  6. not taking it offensive at all,
    what i dont understand is, in order for them
    to find out, they would have to be going thru your garbage.
    and being that you live in an apt. complex, im sure there is a lot
    of garbage in there. so how would you get caught out of all people?
    me personally i would feel better about that situation and not worry about it all..
    your 1 or 2 trash bags out of everybodies 1 or 2 trash bags would leave me feeling pretty comfortable about just tossin it out..
    maybe thats just me. could be your a bit more paranoid or cautious about things..
  7. If you are really that paranoid about the diposing of plant waste i can think of several ways.....use your imagination some ........1. cut up until unrecognizable parts so small it may appear to be yard waste.....2. cut into managable size parts place in bag take it to another site ( dumpster besides yours ...maybe shopping center or another apartment complex ) 3. buy cheap food processer and grind it up beyond recognition then dump where ever at that point 4. always mix it in with other house hold garbage just nothing in there that can tie you to the bag IE mail with you name on it......... and lots more ways just get inovative .....but imo i wouldnt be that worried as long as you dont pull a 4 foot male and carry it out the door and leave it hanging part way out of the trash, then you should be fine........good luck
  8. 1000grams equals one kilo.
    just go in the woods somewhere did a lil hole and bury all ur stems and roots. or trashbag them up and throw them in a river r something where there isn't people let nature take them away.
  9. Random dumpsters
  10. dont do this is all i have to say. unless you started outdoors of course... so much easier and more secure to just throw a whole plant minus the bag in a dumpster for heavens sake... ide just let it die (brown) and crumple it when there all in a bag itll look like normal compost ro trash
  11. Actually there are 453.59 g in a lb or pound. That means 28.34g

    And just take the trash to a different dumpster making sure not to leave anything i.e. mail or bills, with your name and address on it in the bag too.
  12. All my waste goes down my garbage disposal.. Grinds everything into dust then down to
    the sewer she goes..

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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