Lets just say I'd be alot richer if I was there :o

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Klauck, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. That truck can cut me off and swerve into the ditch any day.
  2. Lmfao? Loonies and Toonies? I laughed. Is that really what the coins are called? Made my day!

  3. We are talking about CANADA here :p
  4. any canadian blades up for a road trip?

    northern ontario... why does all the exciting shit in canada always have to happen in ontario..
  5. "loonies and toonies"

    ahahahaha only in Canada
  6. lol they call their one dollar coin loonie, the 2 toonie. Canada has lots of Loons...

    while we call our currency a bunch of ridiculous names....

    a buck? As in... a male deer? Bones, Bread.... Dough...smackaroo's

    lol none of it applies to what it is
  7. Its like saying a Nickel or a Quarter instead of 5 cent or 25 cent, they are nick names that apply in the country.

    I'd run over there with a bucket and my car
  8. I'd get a magnet and a big ass cooler.
  9. ya yall are jealous of our loonies and toonies dont lie
  10. Just dont let them know how much better 1 and 2$ coins are then bills. :p
  11. I use rupees. Not becauseim Indian (I'm not) but because I'm a Hyrulian.
  12. I wonder how much money in actual coinage you could carry away before the metal became too heavy?

    Thousand bucks? Two? It's funny unless you like pulled your car up to the pile you could only get a certain amount of money.

  13. candy AND money??? im on my fucking way

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