Lets Go To Mexico!

Discussion in 'General' started by Foreman, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. I still can't believe i've never been to mexico!

    Haha it's not like they *REALLY* enforced it before, is it?
  2. Lets go in a caravan.
  3. haha, a convoy of potheads headed to mexico!

    gotta brush up on my espanol.
  4. thats awesome
  5. "There are serious questions we have to carefully analyze so that through our spirit of fighting drug dealing, we don't end up legalizing," he said. "We have to get rid of the concept of the (drug) consumer."

    Just how the hell do they intend to "get rid of the concept of the (drug) consumer"?!
  6. its quite simple really, a few buckets of mind control serum in the water supply and theyre good to go.

    meanwhile they have to stick with media to destroy the third eye.
  7. alright, so it's settled a caravan to mexico! shotgun!
  8. if they end up having coffee shops, im there :)

  9. no way i found it i get shotgun!:p
  10. ok well you can have shotgun. Ill drive. hehe:eek:
  11. haha i didnt want to drive anyways. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  12. can you imagine the munchie budget just on the drive down?
  13. BAH! bring your own munchies, lol stoners loading up gym bags with fucking chips snacks drinks, then you'll have the smartass with a hotplate that plugs into a cigarette lighter plug cooking for everyone

    I should start a traveling tokers service that has a tourbus with them comfy seats and tvs driving stoners around to popular smoke areas, with on board food concessions stands

    or i could go ghetto and get me an old school buss and replace the seats with like couches and shit

  14. hell yeah that would be the shit. the stoner bus or the uh cant think of a good name. its could be like the muppet bus. lol ROAD TRIP!!
  15. less than 400 miles from the border...ill be back by morning! :D

    EDIT: i was reading the new report and it seems you can only have 5 gs on you at any given time. any more than that, and they'll bust you for selling. unless of course you slip the cop a 10..silly mexican authorities..lol
  16. Damn dude, that makes me wish I didn't live in the Northeast...

    Unfortunatly, the sale of will still be the same, no cafes. But at least the local 5-0 can't arrest you for it now, and since I guess it's not illegal to buy it then I guess there's no risk :) Although maybe they'll have bring-your-own-weed cafes/bars.

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