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Lets go fishing!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. I'm going fishing tommorrow.. Wish me some good luck!!!!
  2. Good luck! I think fishing is a little on the boring side but have fun anyway. If I were you I would take some bud, head.

    get it? Bud - Head, bud head. get it!! HAHAHA WUAHAHHAHA

    Anyway have a good time:D
  3. I got it and taken it with me!!!!!!

    A bud for the Bud!
  4. Hope ya catch your limit...what are you fishing for anyway...trout? I can't wait till trout season starts, nothing like being baked and out on the stream.
  5. You're not going fishing in your back yard are you? LOL....I hope it's somewhere more exotic than that :D

    Good luck tho...hope you catch a bunch!
  6. I'm going to the TN river, about an hour from here..

    I'm going fishing for Crappie, and Catfish..

    I hope to catch a shit load. lol

  7. Get it? Crap pie. Pie of crap!! hahahah tahahhhhaaa

    Sorry, little fucked up:D

  8. That's pretty crappie of you john, to be dissin on budhead's fish n shizzle,, haha j/k i couldn't resist

    Good luck BH, and make sure you bring a fatty cause even if ya don't catch anything sittin by the river stoned is all good.

  9. TooSicks, you always got the best damn Avatar.:D Do you make them yourself?
  10. i suppose I can still wish you luck even though im JEALOUS!

    good luck :)

  11. ha, that's funny. THis guy that I was supposed to go camping with tonight dissed me to go fishing..........

    Well, good luck to ya!
  12. have fun. ive never actually physically fished but i allways tag along when my buddies go fishing cause to us fishing is more bout beer weed and good food on a nice sunny day by the water with your buddies.

  13. HIGH All, up here on The WET Coast we say "don't catch your limit, limit your catch" On Vancouver Island All rivers are barbless hooks and All Cutthroat and Steelhead trout are "catch and release". If you want to kill trout you have to hit the lakes.

    hippie john come fishing with me and I'll change your "I think fishing is a little on the boring side" mind. Ever catch a fish that takes an hour to fight? Ever catch a 20 pound (steelhead) trout in a river and watch it jump out of the water about two feet and then take a run down river for two hundred feet...All the while your reel is screaming...ever see a kids face light up when they catch a fish? Ya come fishing with me hippie john.

    Forgot to wish you luck Bud Head...but you should be slaying them now.
  14. We are having a thunderstorm this morning.. I am waiting for that to pass!

    Looks like we may get to go in about an hour!!!
  15. yeah its raining like a fucking bastard
  16. Same here,its been raining for 2 days, and it got cold pretty quik, eh?
  17. I hope you're having some good luck, Bud Head. I don't mind going fishing but why do guys get so aggravated when you get those rooster tails caught in something? It's not my fault that happens. It's the roosters tail that's causing the damn problems!!!!

    Love ya, Bud. Save me some Catfish if you catch some!!!
  18. We are now getting hail, rain, and more thunderstorms.

    I am going to put the trip off to next week end..

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