Lets give the IRS more powers!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. We should let them be bit by radioactive spiders so the revolution can be carried out on gliders with pumpkin bombs.

  2. But then they would win...

    And we would lose Mary Jane to the IRS!
  3. God damn scary shit. reminds me of the Patriot Act. more and more it seems martial law is coming, if thats the case then they are using their new powers to find people who are very outspoken against them.
  4. I want to open a personal banking account with tax payer dollars:rolleyes:!
  5. good thing the market is tanking, time to use my taxable assets to come back and make good money in a few years, only way I found how to beat the system...
  6. really! hows that?
    teach me how to beat the system, pm me :p

  7. How to you beat the Illuminati? :mad:


    It reads M A S O N!​

  8. u can beat em...
    all it takes is, love :rolleyes:
  9. You beat the Illuminati with gorilla style warfare and millions of people involved all over our country, in brigades and such. then the people who are in the armies probably wont want to fight for the government, and revolt against em as well. and all the most capable to fight are pretty good with tactics since so many play war games for hours on end. its that and the media will turn on them if martial law comes closer, and then its really a quick end to such a horrible thing. of course only if some of the peeps in our government are in some cult, like a lot of evidence points to. but with a little of shitty times, we should prevail.
  10. The bail out. FUCK. Wait like 3-6 months. Going to get alot worse.
  11. The day the media turns on the state will be the most glorious day in all the lands. And I'm sure we'll all be smoking bowls and shredding gnar on the icy peaks of hell.

    Guerilla warfare is fun, but enough of this illuminati talk...
  12. dude i cant stand your whole liberal media bullshit. they are neither liberal nor conservative, they fuckin are bullshit but what the fuck is tying liberal to it do:confused: they have ignored so much the administration has done, and that has nothing to do with them being liberal. fuckin a man give me one key fact that points to them bein a liberal media:confused:

  13. What do you mean MY liberal media bullshit? I didn't even use the word "liberal", nor do I ever use the phrase "liberal media" because I know it is confusing to most simpletons.

    ... but the media is called the 4th estate for a reason.

    The media is biased towards the state, and there is countless evidence of such. Political "liberalism" means the expansion of governmental and Federal powers, so I guess you could call the media bias "liberal".

    You think the GWB administration was conservative? WTFU.

  14. Yes; indeed.

    After the election is over I suppose gas will go to 5 bucks a gallon. Or perhaps Congress will pass a bill that knocks a couple of zero's off the dollar.


  15. I sure hope so.

    Do you think that we'll still be able to barter home grown for much needed goods when shit and fan meet?
  16. or the congress is goin be like OMG, gas prices goin up:eek:
    lets bail out even more!!!
    americans, we need $1 trillion cause oil prices is just too high, with this bail out, i'll guarantee u that i can lower the gas price down to 2 dollars :rolleyes:
  17. u forgot the R...:rolleyes:

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