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Discussion in 'General' started by ButThen1GotHigh, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Ok well since I got here Ive seen things about making a pro pot website/commercial/flyers/orignization and I think this needs some orginization.
    So im thinking we need to get together and this is a good place to start ive made this list of things that we would need to do this:

    -People who understand website coding/scripting and website management
    -A group of people in a area that can film commercials.
    -Some one who can take pictures to help with webdesignes and micellanious(SP?)
    -Some one who knows who to edit video using advanced programs snoy vegas, adobe after effects ect. (I can do this but it would be nice to have someone else too.
    -People talented in photoshop.
    -A communiy of people to support us

    If you can fill any of these positions please post here. I am currently working on a template for the website but my coding is limited.

  2. i can fill in the second and last. (Maybe the first, but hell, it's been SOO long).
  3. Im talking about an oppisite of like abovetheinfluence not sumthing like NORML

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