Let's get this settled!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Superjoint, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. Can everybody post his ideal list of Forum
    topics and which category and how many forums?

    First somebody says there are too many, the orher says, there are missing forums. I just don't know anymore. Help me out here guys.

    Can we work out together the best forums setup possible?

    thanx for helping me out!


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  2. Personally il chat about the Forums I'm moderator in, Id really like too see a few others in it, Maybe change General growing too "Basics", as the stuff that newbies chat about are only the basic questions and so on,
    Also if we can Add "SCROG" (screen of Green) and "SOG" (Sea of Green), also add "Equipment", and "First Aid" for sick plants!! Those are the ones id like too see in the growing Forum!! Thanx
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  3. I'll be back with a list. :)

    I think what I'm hearing is "start" with a smaller list ,which will grow as the number of members/posts increase. Nobody can tell for sure what direction a site will go in .
    It'll be up to us to pick up on that direction and then make a place for it.
    Does this make sense ?
    Got me confused :eek:
    Back in a few ..................(bowls) :)


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