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    I have purchased this cab:

    ClosetMaid 48 In. Wardrobe / Multi-Purpose Cabinet - 12336 at The Home Depot

    I am wanting to design this puppy where I can keep abt 2-3 MuMs in there.. Also I need a small area to do some cloning and such. I have used a similar cab to grow before it was abt 2ft x 2ft by abt 6ft high.. But all I did was Flower in it.. I want this to be "All-In-One)
    If I can get the Spacing figured out I can vent it im sure with no prob ( straight into the attic and out the top of house)

    My question is:

    About how much room would I need to keep a MuM? Im not gopnna keep them to big... I can keep cutting them back until I actually need the clones... I will only be flowering 3-5 plants at a time... OR actually mabey do some sort of a SoG. I really like the idea of taking alot of clones and flowering them not to long after they develop their root system and mabey a week of growth after that.. I think this way I will be able to get away with limited height issues if i divide it in two chambers.

    I am growing Northern Lights from Attitude..

    I will post some simple drawings I did after Lunch, But I really wanted to get this thread started as I am about to start putting everything together.
  2. does that cabinet have an adjustable shelf? you can divide the space top/bottom for clones/mothers. you shouldn't need more 2 1/2 ft. height for your mothers. than you could easily mount some PL-L lights in there, lower heat and higher intesity than CFLs. Check out a grower 'Tejas Indoor" he made a nice mother/veg cab.
  3. Yes it has multiple movable shelves. But if they will not move where i need them I can DIY it :) ...

    Ill chk out his cab... Remember I am gonna need my flower area in there also.. I was thinking about mabey using the top for flower and making the bottom (dividing it into 2 chambers) the veg/mum room. OR if height will be an issue I can divide it into two chambers height way.. like a divider running top to bottm..

    This is so easy to see in my head but hard as hell for me two explain..lol.. ill get the pics up soon of what im thinking...

    Ima edit the original post with more info.
  4. OK.. Here is some SIMPLE drawings of what im thinking.. There is 3 options here... basically which would be better with the dimensions I am working with...

    If i start the flowering process soon after the clones are established abt how much height do yall think ima need in my flower room.. taking into consideration i will have the light hanging.. Probally gonna be a 150 from the start until i can get a 400.

    I gotta get this attachment stuff figured out. but i promise that file wont blow up your computer...lol

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  5. i say just get another cab one for flowering one you can split in half and have a mother and veg room. its going to be hard to light proof the flower side i know what those things look like there kinda cheap just get two, it fixs all your prolblems
  6. You look at drbud yet?
    Look in the DIY section, I've seen a lot of cabs that use passive intakes and one big exhaust fan to regulate the temps and scrub the air.
    I know this isn't your unit shape or dimensions but it's a great 3d diagram build, and lots of time & effort was put into making an all in 1 unit.
    If you chose to run a bonsai mother ( keeping her under 9-10 inches) you could have a very effective mother/clone area while maximizing your space for flowering. Plus having the option to keep more than 1 mother in a small space.

    Also, I would look into some sort of lst'ing on your flowering plants in that unit, since vertical height is an issue lst'ing even a few inches of height will make a huge difference.

    What kinda lights are you looking at using? CFL or perhaps pl-l's or t5's?
  7. Previous grows ive used 2ft or 4ft whatever Home Depot had..lol.. I am probally going to use CFL's in the VEG and MuM area. They are small... and easier to move around than the alternatives.....

    bonsai Mums.. interesting.. got any good resources for that? I just bought a Bonsai Pony Tail tree today :hello:


  8. Dyno... Ur on my to rep list.. gotta spread the love though..lol :(:smoking::smoking:

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