let's get one of those stupid forum games goin...

Discussion in 'General' started by twilightXtoker, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. this thread shood be for anyone whose bored...im gonna say one thing and you need to link that thing to something else...

    for example...STARFISH, starfish live in the ocean / the ocean is made of water i drink water, i also drink soda, soda is bad for you...and so on and so on

    i kno this is a stupid thread but i havent seen a fun/original thread on GC for awhile :D

    so go wild :hello: [ill start]...

    CHERRIES, cherries are red like apples...
  2. Apples can be used for making pipes in a tight situation

  3. another tight situation is when ur about to get laid and dont got a rubber...
  4. rubber.. burning creates toxic fumes, which are harmfull for your boddy, not unlike, Bush's foriegn policy..
  5. Bush's foriegn policy... politics are just fucked, especially when cooked.

  6. lol

  7. When cooking on a stovetop with pots and pans, it's a smart idea to turn the handles facing away from you so you don't accidentally hit them and knock over the pot, spilling hot water or food
  8. My dad spilled hot water on me while camping. Camping is a great way to relieve stress
  9. stress is shitty ass weed, I stepped on shit once and it was the first thing to come out my mouth when I realized what happened..
  10. What happend? The common question after a party.
  11. parties are where i like to get fucked up.. dude wheres my car?
  12. your car has been reposessed, like the chick in that movie

  13. my dealer is a chick and shes hot, i need to hit that
  14. I need to hit that shit with a 10 foot pole, like my cock.
  15. Your cock is tiny and shriveled, so you validate yourself over the internet.

    Just kidding <3
  16. the internet is a good place to meet up with pedofiles, pedofiles are nasty
  17. nasty pedofilia (sp...) is the exact opposite of what I want to be thinking about.
  18. My senior year in high school, one of my friends wrote a story about a pedophile named Fred, that lived in a van, down by the river. He read this story aloud in class.
  19. my middle school graduating class only had 26 ppl in it, half of them did drugs :D
  20. Drugs are fun, just like roller costers

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