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  1. Fuck the pressures of life, if you were to be shipped off to an uninhabited island, what are 3 things you would bring (not including humans or animals)?

    - A bag of marijuana seeds
    - iPhone
    - Guitar

    The iPhone would be used for music (and porn, 3G for the win!).
  2. I highly doubt you would get reception.

    -Swiss army knife
    -Ipod/Solar Charger
    -Pan for cooking
  3. weed
    plane ticket back home
  4. Then what's the guitar for?

    I'm saving my iphone's battery for accessing GC.
  5. Acid, and two blow up dolls.

  6. Two? Why two?

    Oh... You fuck one while the other one watches?
  7. Blow up dolls dig a dude with acid.

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    Ganja seeds, marine standard issue knife(dont remember the official name of it), and my ipod touch/solar charger like the other guy said.

    Edit: the name of knife is Ka-Bar!
  9. A sheet, A knife, A boat
  10. kayak, swiss army knife and A-LOT of string.
  11. Well if I was ever gonna leave to an island with only three things I would probably be walking on the edge of sanity so...

    1. Few pounds of dank in mason jars

    2. Bong

    3. .45 for when I run out of bud
  12. bag of assorted seeds (vegetables, cannabis, fruits, ect.)
    survival knife + flint

    let the good times roll:cool:
  13. 1.hundred thousand pounds of dank

    2.this machate that this guy on The Knife Show is showing me right now

    3.my bitch, so we could fuck and populate the island and make it into a 3rd world country
  14. 1. marijuana farm
    2. that awesome cellar on that island in pirates of the carribean
    3. oprah winfrey- i love that bitch
  15. 1.) Seeds (wheat, weed, tomatoes, potatoes, rice)

    2.) Sniper rifle

    3.) Sleeping bag

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