Let's get AGRO!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Mulched, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. If it ain broke screw fixing it make it betr! I'm from the overgrow days n it's been a while, but it legal in mah state meow so the shit is on!

    Now I'd asssssume any head in this thread knows agro, but many r here to learn...so rly quick an e.g. of this would b Fox Farms Light Warrior, I love this shit n has NEVER failed to do it's job n is all natural!

    But hey Mulcher it looks like soil...well it ain't! It's a very non-soil medium, so grows like in dirt, but u must feed it bc it's just a medium n if done right will produce all medicine!

    Mulcher keeps it easy! N I know a few sighs will b had but the 3 fert. FLORA LINE from General Hydro works great!! N also is easy n dummy proof IMO. And won't kill real soil either!

    So I'm a microgrow lover, I don't buy expensive brand name shit except for soil n fert. bc it makes No F'n difference.

    I have a nice tv chest/growbox that moves sooo much air I crammed n wires up 2 70 watt HPS n some nice floro/t5 stand anyone to even out spectrum..let's just say I get more than 50 w per cubic foot...it's like a tiny giant grow space n 4 it's size pumps out serious bud.

    If anyone wants to learn or c more just ask! I'm a licensed pro, and love helping n sharing!
  2. Thanks for wanting to help, but you're not very good at writing explanations except for curse words. How about using some sentences and English next time. TWW
  3. I'm sry I said shit 3 times which IS a natural fertilizer! :Love-Plant:

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