Lets get a seed swap club going!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by budguy, Aug 21, 2001.

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  1. Hiya all,

    Who all in here would like to get a seed swap club going? If so please post it here, I think this would be a great way to get different seeds passed around, Ive personally got about 15-20 strains i could list if we got one going,,,,,Im sure others would be interested. Lets get some stuff going on here!!
    Budguy :) :cool:
  2. Hey,

    I am in!
    Fellow Canadian here. Grew up in Mississauga. However am not living there at themoment. I just started some feminised Valley Queen that I would have been willing to swap. I also have some other strains that I would be willing to swap.
    How should we progress.
  3. Good idea BudGuy.

  4. Hey, seed swapin is cool and it would only be for Canadians too HAHA. I know of a site that is deicated to seed swaping and also we should ask Super Joint if it would be ok to do this though his site. Even though it IS LEGAL in Canada in have seeds and do what ever you want with them (Just dont get caught growing them :D )
    Anyway, here is that site

  5. High Freaks,

    a had problem with my soil in late spring, killing 20 fat mothers und nearly 150 clones. I restarted in June with 40 new moms where i made nearly 300 clones from. I wanted to get many little plants, instaed of the 20 very big ones, as I am used to.

    Strains started from seeds are Four Way, Durban, Big Bud, Juicy Fruit, Indoor Mix, Northern Ligths and Silver Haze from Sensi Seeds. Power Plant, White Widow came from Dutch Pasion. These strains where started on 30-dec-00. The mothers died in the big soil desaster in early summer, but I managed to keep some clones of each alive.

    I was i little in a worry to lose all plants, so started Mango, KC33, more Indoor Mix, Durban und Four Way in June. I also got different clones from friends, who bougth the plants in Vienna Growshops. The brought me White Russian, Skunk Afghani, White KC, more Northern Ligths, Sensi Star, Nebula, Shaman, Plank and Belladonna.

    With a big chaos of 19 strains of 42 different mother and rouphly 250 plant I try to make my deal with an Outdoor Sea of Green.
  6. tja, aehh, plants ....
  7. This is an own strain (which I didn\"t menton before). The plant is now three weeks flowering.
  8. To make the chaos perfect I took at least one clone of every mother back indoor at the end of August. I need to supply my indoor growroom with these plants over the winter. Here you can see my growing room, stuffed only with neon ligths. The plants may get only 50-60cm under neon or the ligth doesn\"t reach the bottom leafes. So i have to cut clones continuesly, making them to new moms and sending the mom of the clones into flowering.
  9. 600W HPS bulbs are used for flowering. They generate much heat which causes problems of ventilation for me. So I use an old closet in the summer, where I can simply open the door to the yard for ventilation. In winter a room beneath the growing room is used, which is heated through the normal house heating. Sometimes both are used, depending on the number of available clones.
    Here you see the summer growroom
  10. One of my favorite Strains is White Widow. Its has a strong, long lasting, energizing, psychodelic high and a very good yield too.
  11. The whole thing should be a new thread in the picture forum!
  12. Please next time post all your picture stuff in the \"Picture Post\"

    Mickey.T :)
  13. ssc for dutch only? or worldwide?
    Easy to use/via pm?
    quality garanteed seeds?
    Added growing information-How does the plant act.
  14. What did you think of KC33, Pjiotr? That\'s supposed to be half g-13, right?

    Has anyone ever seen/experienced g-13 seeds/bud?
  15. Hi everybody,

    I am a willing trader of seeds. I have on hand now: AK-47 (Serious Seeds, unopened), Mater Kush (
    unopened), Super Thai X Skunk (unopened), White Widow (unopened), White Rhyno, and Neville\'s Haze. I will soon have in my possession unopened packs of Original Haze, Kali Mist, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and Warlock.

    If you have something interesting to trade, E-mail me and let\'s talk! I am especially interested in something that comes as close as possible to the original Thai Stick of the 1970\'s fame.

    Mojave Dave
  16. OK...a very old thread was resurrected.

    No seed swapping can be done through the open forums. Anything like this needs to be done elsewhere. Sorry.
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