Lets freestyle!

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    Freestyle: (recorded then wrote it down)

    yo, yo
    once i rap
    you cant be giving me crap
    cause im the better lyricist
    dont be lookin at me like you be hatin just cause your pissed
    cause when i rap my words will ruin your life,
    Im brewin the knife, to attack, dont rap back
    cause youll sound fuckin wack
    I got the illest flow
    you dont even know
    cause this is just warm up
    so dont even get me started
    cause ill make you disconcert
    my flow will convert, you to nothing but matter
    leave the stage now cause ill shatter
    you whole career
    next time you rap i know you'll fear me and my intellect
    cause when i flow i gain all the *****s respect
    so dont be giving me shit cause ill make you rap all slow

    What do you guys think for a freestyle? And if anyone wants to battle..I'm Down just start it off!
  2. yo yo,
    once i heard this crap,
    i said this ain't rap,
    go back home to uncle pat bitch,
    cause i be the illest fucker to roam these forums,
    got 2 45s on the back of my rack in my car,
    naw you lookin too far,
    oh shit watch out theres my cat (say rawr)

  3. Yo I got the M-I-C in my H-A-N-D
    Cause I'm the MC of the Century
    And I can freestyle longer than your fat ass can run a mile
    so wipe off that smile, cause when I'm putting it down
    I'll make you look like a clown
    Cause your flow is like a broken faucet,
    so grab your rap career and toss-it,
    down the drain cause my words will make you go insane
    from the spine to the brain, Shit son you just got slain!
    And next time you flow try a little harder cause you sound as gay as lil wayne
  4. lil wayne, *****? at least i ain't stealing beats,
    and drop that m-i-c 'cause you be getting the heat,
    can you rap longer than a kenyan can run a marathon?
    because i grab my dick and slap it across your mom
    next time i hear that weak-ass shit,
    and don't be callin the cops because i got em on my hit,
    list 'cause ***** i don't fuck around with pigs,
    slap you on the head while i am smokin my cig,
    my name is boombiddy can you tell i'm high?
    representing the 425

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