Let's found our own news outlet

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by aaronthegerman, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. To counter the rampant propaganda spread across all sources and media I suggest we do our own newspaper right on this forum.

    Let's call it NSDAP (Newspaper [by] stoned degenerates actively participating).

    Post hillarious and newsworthy stories. No war or starving children though that's what the real news is there for. And stick to what you can prove.

    I'll start

    Fat kills
    During august A deer was killed in Rostock's IGA-park. the frenzied animal got trapped between the legs of a fat woman who lost balance and fell breaking the deer's neck in the process.

    The woman injured her ankle and was treated in hospital.
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  2. Mexico is about to legalize weed

    Mexicoke city
    According to the german press agency Mexico is likely to legalize marijuana.
    The inside minister or whatever the fuck it's called proposed a law which is to be voted about on Thursday.
    The supreme court said banning it is against the constitution and many voters oppose prohibition.

    Do you know what that means? Mexico's government is better than America's. Oh you sorry fucking Americans now your country's the backwards shithole.
    Even funnier the money of American drug tourists will fund this shithole. They'll surpass you. Just like the Dutch surpassed the Germans.
    Soon thousands of Americans will die trying to build a better live in Mexico.

    I guess the last paragraph was not objective enough to qualify as journalism,
    but I don't give a fuck because my newspaper is called NSDAP.
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  3. I don't have a news story Aaron but that is the best possible name for a stoner newspaper.

    Weiter so bruder! Pressefreiheit!

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  4. Amen. respect it or we'll send you to auschwitz so you can see what happens without free press
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  5. Exactly!

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  6. I live in scotland.
    Our most prominent news story that's wound me up recently is

    "Scottish schools set to be first in the world to encorporate LGBTI educational lessons into the cirriculum"

    Well fuck me running. Is it just me that reads that as "Scottish teachers ordered to encourage little boys to dress as little girls"

    I'm no homophobe, got lots of gay friends and the LGB bit doesn't bother me in the slightest but why on earth are teachers about to start teaching our children that it's OK to decide that your not a boy or a girl, your whatever you want to be, you can use any toilet or changing room you want to use and if a big bearded woman called dave comes In while you girls are changing for swimming then that's OK too.

    Our national animal is the unicorn though so let's face it anythings possible in this shitehole

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  7. "How was school today Bobby?"

    "Great Dad! The teacher showed us how to ass fuck and Jimmy was nice enough to give me a reach-around!"

    I could care a less what someone's sexual preference is but this is getting ridiculous!

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  8. Yup, the feminists will all be kicking off soon when there's just that much confusion about it that everyone had to use the same toilets and changing facilities because it's the only way to garuntee not to offend some weirdo that thinks they're an attack helicopter.
    And all the children's rights groups will start kicking up fuck for the same reason.

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  9. Oohhhh shit! I've got the biggest scoop yet actually. The tories are legalising child porn because it's stretching police resorces that much prosecuting all the seedy wee non gender specific men called Stacy that are doing it.... really wish I was making It up.
    The uk is mental.

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  10. Evidence?
    I know how bad governments are but this seems like a south park episode
  11. Does doesn't it. Bare with me though I'll see if I can find it. If your American this isn't really anything strange for our govornment lol.

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  12. Nah, realised what I'd have to type into Google to find it and not really comfortable with that for obvious reasons lol.
    Feel free to do it yourself though. Big brother will be watching :)

    But basically, since the tories came in. They've shut god knows how many prisons and cut the national policy force by something like 20k. uk not that big mind so that's a pretty big dent. They fucked Scotlands police right up with all the cuts.
    Now, Because of all these vigilante groups firing pedos at the courts all day every day now, the fact that the jails are already full to bursting and the massive lack in police man power. All direct results of the tories.
    And they're now being faced with no choice but to start looking to lessen the penalties for it because they just don't have the resources to keep jailing them all for just possesion.
    Couple months ago a guy round here got caught trying to meet a 12 year old boy for sex in a public park and got let off with it. It's mental like. 90% of them get off with possesion at my local court. Just put em on the register and say that's a bad boy! Stay away from schools! Now go home!
    Sad but true unfortunately :(

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  13. Less cops is something I can agree with sexual harassment is not.
    No wonder England left the eu they wanna be an inbreeding monarchy again.

    The tories need a new slogan.
    Make Britain great again. By fucking your 10 year-old sister
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  14. That's crazy. What's next? Legalize rape?
    Let's hope that story ain't true!

    @Aaron. I've been trying to find the story about school milk in America turning kids gay.

    Something about the hormones or soya. I heard this years ago but now it seems to be buried.

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