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    So I'm looking for a badass soil to start a super grow with and I've scoured the threads and ppl here are way down on MIRACLE GRO soil! What gives man? Why is it so bad? I've used it to grow all kinds of superhuge veggies in my garden so why is it not ok for wacky tobbacky?

    I've never grown the wacky stuff but am about to try and figure it out. If I shouldn't use miacle gro then 1. why and 2. what the heck should I use?

    Help a dude out here! I'm tired of paying out the arsh for primo buddage!

    (edit: and I'm asking here because I figure advanced growers know their stuff better than the typical grower)
  2. hey man, hears the deal with miracle grow fertlizor. It has high amount of fertlizor in it, esp the time release. This can burn young plants especially seedlings and many say that the time realease miracle grow is very bad cuz if ph is thrown offor plants show burn, flushin only releases more fertilizor which worsens the problem.

    I would go to a local hydroponic shop or organic gardening shop.
    happy frog is excellent:
    ocean forest is great too plus has organic nutrients in it which means you don't have to feed the plants for at least the first 3 weeks in the soil. Since the nutrients are organic, doesn't tend to burn plants and can be flushed :eek:

    either one will give you great results :smoke:
  3. mir grow has alot of ammonia type nitrogen in it and if it is not fully flushed out your buds will smell and taste like cat piss. Sorta an ammonia smell to it. im sure everyone knows that shitty bud im talkin about.
  4. Miracle Gro is junk food for your plants and Fox Farm is the Kobe beef. If you can afford it, go Fox Farm. I personally am a tightwad and go in the middle. 3 cubic feet of Sunshine Metro Mix and another 3 cubic feet of perlite costs me 40 dollars. Toss in some worm castings and you have a killer mix at 1/4 the price of Fox Farm. Same goes for nutes, Earth Juice is 1/2 the price of Fox Farm, only thing is that you have to oxygenate it for a day to get the PH up. No offense intended to you FF guys, I'm just poor and live in the middle of nowhere.
  5. Hey you do what you have to, right. Nice tip on the cheap mix. A good tip for any thrifty gardener. :)

    EDIT: I use FF.
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    I'm poor too! I looked up the Foxfarm stuff and 20 bucks plus shipping is just too rich for me. I'd need like 6 cubic feet and so I'd be hitting $100 plus for soil after shipping and stuff.

    So I broke your quoted reply into parts above and plan to go see a local pant nursery to have them mix up the stuff for me because I want the BOMB grow as inexpensively as possible. A few questions for ya.

    1. How much worm castings? 3 cubic feet of sunshine metro mix and 3 cubic feet of perlite is specific enough for them to figure out but how much worm castings?

    2. What do I tell the nursery I am growing when I ask them to mix this up? They will DEFINATELY ask me and I can't tell 'em it's wacky tobacky!

    3. Is there anything else I should have them add to make this a killerdiller soil? The killerest of dillerest?

    Thanks dudes! You guys are awesome! +rep for everyone on this thread baby!
  7. Put as much worm castings as you can find in to your mix. Ideally, I would like to see 25% worm castings in the mix.

    My numbers are a bit skewed. Sunshine Mix already has some perlite mixed into it, so I actually use alittle less perlite than MIX. 4 shovel fulls Sunshine to 3 shovels perlite.

    But here's what you want

    25% worm castings
    25% potting soil
    50% perlite

    This will give you an affordable, neutral soil that is fast draining.

    There are some blends out there that add blood meal, bone meal, kelp, guano, first born children, etc....but I haven't gone down that road yet. I just use my Earth Juice nutes which is working OK for indoors. Smells real funky, but is keeping them green. Keep it simple to start.

    Don't forget to post up a journal when you get things rolling.
  8. Kickin info bro! Thanks again...should I say I'm growing a plot of tomatoes? What should I say it is for? Can't tell the truth on this one! People are nosey in this part of the world!
  9. I know it, man. I actually split my purchases up and just get one bag at a time. You could say you are repotting your houseplants or gearing up for the spring garden. If you are semi-sober and pay cash, they shouldn't really care to much.
  10. good info ty 4 the tip
  11. I have never seen such a short thread contain such a detailed breakdown of FF vs other soils and give so much information this wasn't even two pages and answered like 3-5 questions I Was pondering. I am grateful to all of you.
  12. Voting for a sticky - if nothing else it MAY help prevent others from going down the Miracle Grow path.

    +Rep as well... very well put together with zero flames.

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