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lets debate

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Audion, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. #1 The Audion, Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 8, 2010
    Hey blades. Sometimes someone will post an article on here about weeds health effects or what not, and often I will read comments, anti-weed comments, that motivate me to come on here and play the devils advocate. Lets do this. I will pose to you a fake argument as to why using cannabis recreationally is bad/immoral/unhealthy etc. Just to clarify again so I don't get flamed by someone who decides to only read part of my post. THESE ARE NOT MY OPINIONS. Just a little debate. If you don't want in, dont post! This thread will only be productive and stimulating if we get some good healthy arguing going.

    First Argument: I'm so sick of these lazy stoners and potheads who try to justify their drug use by saying its "their choice" Do you really think dulling your mind and your emotions is a good way to go through life? All that stuff is doing to you is rotting your mind and taking away your common sense. God forbid you try to get through one day not high as a kite, you might grow up a little, and allow your last brain cell to actually "feel" properly again. Using a drug to deal with stress and life is only going to make you INCAPABLE of functioning like a normal, mature adult. Put down the bong for two seconds and you might actually realize that impaired is no way to go through life.

    its FAKE remember!

    Prove this asshole wrong!

    I dont see what so confusing about this. I'm trying to have a debate here. People like to use the "drugs are just an escape" argument. I'm playing devils advocate here and trying to see how people would attempt to refute such an argument.
  2. im a little confused by your example. what are we supposed to be debating? that going through life high is a good thing?

  3. I provided a fictional argument. I want everyone to provide a counter-argument. In other words if you had a debate with someone who was staunchly anti-weed, how would you respond to this argument?
  4. i would answer by saying "im a little confused by your example. what are we supposed to be debating? that going through life high is a good thing?"


    since this is fictional, i would say fuck you mom & dad, as i blow out the four pounds of weed i had inhaled 30mins ago in 1 hit, right in their faces.

  5. Why is everyone assuming this is about my parents??
  6. I would kindly let them know that they have no grasp of reality and that there is nothing to debate.
  7. lol!!!
  8. If you don't understand what this thread is about, think of oldschool toker posing as someone who is against the usage of marijuana by all means.

    examples: Any mom you will find posting on the fox news comments under any MJ related article, your own mom, My mom, anti prop 19 pushers, ETC.

    Now debate oldschool tokers fictional person.

    Makes sense? :D I have to go or else I would start writing something out! Neat thread, btw.
  9. cool story bro
  10. i didn't assume that. i only asked for clarification because in a debate two sides are arguing the opposing sides of a thesis statement, which you didn't provide.

  11. Thanks! finally someone gets it :rolleyes:
  12. Lazy: Smoking sativa's actually make you upbeat, and you feel energized/want to do stuff. Indicia's make you couch-locked. There's nothing to justify, it is indeed their choice to smoke. Whether they smoke an indicia and become a couch lock or a sativa and start hammering out whatever needs to be done, it's their choice.

    Marijuana doesn't 'dull' your mind, the only research providing proof it KILLS brain cells was in monkeys. Want to know why? They put gas masks on them and put smoke in them until they died. The suffocation killed the brain cells, not the marijuana. And, as for the 'going a day without being high as a kite' and 'growing up', it's not hard to go a day without being high you twat. And how is it preventing me from growing up? Oh, by expanding my mind, thoughts, processes of thinking, introducing me to new people and things. Yes, it's limiting me so much isn't it?

    Using a drug to relieve stress is bad, ey? Okay, go break your arm and try to relieve the pain without a 'drug' why don't you? See how stressed out and how much pain you're in. Marijuana isn't even commonly used as an escape. And obviously you can't function like a normal, mature adult considering you have to put down someone elses way of life. You're insulting me over something I choose to do. How about I insult you for being a Christian, a faggot, or any of that? I think it's quite obvious who is being immature...prick.

    And how about you pick the bong up, smoke, and realize that being high really isn't being impaired.

    (This is personally how I would do it, don't trust my 'facts' 100%, I know I missed a few of his points in responses, etc. If it was for me, I'd definitely find links, reasons, research, etc and make it more official...)

  13. Think of the rant as one long thesis statement. If someone used the argument "drugs are an escape, using weed to deal with problems is bad" against you, what would you argue in return? Notice I didn't attempt to provide a coherent topic or a very reasonable argument, since most anti-weed folks don't either.

  14. Exactly. I provide the argument. You provide the counter argument. This is what I wanted.

  15. dont mean to sound like a dick but you are in the wrong form for this kind of debate
  16. :p.

    Hopefully it's not all just fallacious bullshit, as I'm quite uneducated. I've read some, but I'm not 100% there yet.
  17. Ok provide an argument to this:

    "Marijuana is a miracle plant. Using marijuana for either medical or recreational uses is perfectly safe. Using marijuana has no adverse side effects, and should be legalized."

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