Let's critically analyze all NIDA's arguments!

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    I've found some official websites, some Youtube videos and whatnot, and it seems NIDA, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, is the forthright force in the governments attempts to educate the public on marijuana.

    Office of National Drug Control Policy - Marijuana Facts & Figures
    YouTube - Kanaal van NIDANIH

    I'm also sending an e-mail to the NIDA "scientist" featured, Joe Franscella.

    I think it best we comment and critically analyze on everything presented to us herein. This way we can finally pin down the government's current effort to misinform America about marijuana.

    I for one have commented here: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb2_JjdAZ3M]YouTube - Marijuana addiction facts for teens video NIDA[/ame] and I encourage everyone to do likewise. Post all your findings here!

  2. Most of these have be debunked again and again.

    "You might do something you'll regret while high"

    And I don't do things I regret sober? :rolleyes:

    Apparently sober people don't make mistakes.
  3. If their interest was not to lie, they wouldn't keep lying all these years.

    They are losing anyway, just let time erode them.
  4. Judging by the previous posters, I guess I'm just stubborn. It's shocking that they can get away with this. Here's the e-mail I sent to Joe Franscella:

    Of course, I sent this from a different e-mail than my own.
  5. You're trying to be too rational. You think this dude doesn't know what hes saying is bullshit?

    He is being paid to say them.
  6. But he's a PhD!

  7. Doctors are paid to say BS all the time.
  8. i wish showing the feds their lies would do anything but it wont. They know the truth. They just want it illegal to support the prison industrial complex.
  9. What is with the signs with all the different names for weed? I've seen this tactic on many anti-marijuana sites. What is that supposed to prove?

    Check out this commercial [ame="http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90rw7_6cUDE"]YOUTUBE[/ame]

    Most of the names they use are ridiculous anyway.
  10. Rofl!

    They just gave them absurd names they've never heard of before and pay em 10 bucks to look sad. What 10 year old goes "MAN I NEED MY JIB BITCH"?

    Well, I can't say I don't get entertainment from these clowns. That is one positive.
  11. I didn't realize that little 10 year old girls do crank...
  12. As a scientist myself, it's quite unfortunate to see how easy it is for others to skew, fabricate, and apply anecdotal evidence simply in order to take a political or partisan stance.

    If this guy is working for NIDA, he isn't bringing home bank. So he is either a government puppet or a neoconservative douche.
  13. Talking points.

    "When you're high on marijuana, your brain functions differently"
    - Your brain also functions differently when you eat chocolate.

    "THC effects memory, judgement, and perception"
    - This only lasts for the duration of the intoxication, and is far less severe than the corresponding effects of alcohol intoxication.... Additionally, a natural adrenaline rush has a more appreciable effect on judgement and perception than marijuana does. Are we going to tell teenagers to stop jumping skateboards off ramps?

    "Marijuana contains 400 other chemicals that effect your brain"
    - These "400 other chemicals" are actually non-toxic compounds, i.e. other cannabinoids, cannabidiol, cannabichromene etc. These non-toxic "chemicals" act as helpful anticonvulsants, anti-inflammatories, and anesthetics.

    "When you're high, you can mess up in school"
    -I have a 3.7gpa at UCLA.

    "You can engage in risky sexual behavior"
    -That sounds fun, actually.

    "It can lead to dangerous driving"
    -THC's effects on road-tracking after doses up to 300 µg/kg (a high dose) never exceeded alcohol's at bacs of 0.08 g%; and, were in no way unusual compared to many medicinal drugs' (Robbe, 1994; Robbe and O'Hanlon, 1995; O'Hanlon et al., 1995).

    "You could become addicted"
    -Marijuana is not addictive, simple as that. For this "scientist" to use the term "marijuana addiction" just shows how many dubious concessions he's willing to make to get a point across.

    "Marijuana can cause lung infections and breathing problems"
    -No, laced/tainted marijuana can cause lung infections and breathing problems. You can't blame marijuana for what it's sometimes contaminated with. Filthy weed is actually a result of prohibition and lack of regulation. Legalizing it will clean it up.

    "There may be other effects, it's really hard to know"
    -Yes, because with the tens of millions of users... and thousands of years of use... it's really hard to peg the other effects...

    What a joke.
  14. All I can say about the OP video is are you fucking serious, "It's really hard to know" these are your facts that your giving me?!?!?!
  15. HAHA Here's a fun idea, lets treat this video's comment section as they did Cannabis once upon a time, say the comments need approval and just never approve them! GENIUS!!!

  16. I get the point... keep kids/teenagers off weed (which is a good thing).

    But when did it become ok for an ivy league educated scientist to tell lies on youtube in order to spread an agenda?
  17. Don't forget he just told me that Marijuana is addictive, and to be honest, I haven't had any green to smoke in about 44 hours, and I am feeling none of the common traits associated with withdraw, and I know what withdraw feels like as a Caffeine drinker / Tobacco smoker.

  18. Hey man, I commend you for taking action. You bring up lots of valid points in the letter you sent. I keep posting this book/website in all my posts hoping that someone will be happy to use it. It cites all of it's facts, and debunks propaganda like this NIDA bs.

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