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  1. with our CAMERAS:p. But no seriously I was thinkin that most people nowadays have SOME way of taking a picture and getting it on to the internet. This is probably a crazy idea but I was hoping to get blades from all over the world to just look up in the sky with their cameras whenever they get a chance so we could try and get some awesome perhaps even convincing pictures of UFO's:D Like I said before crazy idea but I think it'd be pretty awesome if we could actually get some pictures. if your down post here, if not then :wave::smoke:
  2. i could get so many good pictures if i drove out to my old smoke spot at night

    but i have memories there that make me want to go home and snort xanax like a loser...and i dont want to anger the aliens when they give me

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhTKuZ5S_oA]YouTube - Cheech & Chong - Space Coke[/ame]
  3. :laughing:do it man. I've been seeing lots of peculiar/weird shit over here in the skys at night so it sparked my idea to start takin pictures
  4. yeah dude over in my spot theres always been wierd shit its in bumfuck nowhere too so its a real clear sky usually... i might head out there on my birthday this wednesday coming up with a few buddies and smokeout/lookout
  5. Right on, man. Im kinda secluded too so the sky is very clear and from my balcony i got a tight view of the sky, wish i had some binoculars, might have to buy some.:cool:
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    Brother man, you read my mind! I have been thinking, after watching shitty UFO camera phone footage, to invest in a bad ass HD & nightvision camera. If such a camera even exists. I bet it does. So I wanna get a new camera and take a Va-k to known UFO hots, or any ancient megalith in the world.

    this is my favorite UFO video so far
  7. I'm going to be out on my balcony tonight just chillin, smokin, and watchin the stars man. I hope i capture something cool:smoke:
  8. Do it up. I should do that but its too cloudy. It's definitely the plan for the summer though. I need a tripod too. Almost forgot.
  9. This was taken about 30 minutes from my house...

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmqmQTpUesU]YouTube - Massive UFO Delaware PA October 23 2010[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfPLswo20a8]YouTube - Amazing UFO Fleet 23 Oct 2010 Pennsylvania Delaware[/ame]
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    Just awesome. How can anyone watch these videos and not be excited that something new is right in front of their faces.

    I like the timing on our videos. I think mine was 10/22/10, while your is 10/23/10. I read that 10/10/10 was a big deal, planetary alignments(?), mass awaking, and what have you. So these videos fit nicely in the awakening time line.

    this vid goes with what i am saying
  11. what does it all mean Basil

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