Let's Build a Hydro Innovations Icebox

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    Very simple project...
    You will need sheet metal cutters and a sheet metal vise grip or pliers to bend the sheet metal.

    I bought a bunch of new old heater cores off fleabay for $7 ea.
    The heater core is 6" x 10" and the heater core cooling fin area is 6" x 8".

    I first cut out the sheet metal to the detentions I needed so it exactly fit the heater core.

    Then I bent up the sides so the sheet metal encased the heater core on one side..

    Then I used a 8" duct take-off, drew out my circle, cut it out, and installed the duct take-off.

    Because the heater cores I bought was 6" x 8" I used 1" styrofoam to take up the space.

    The backside of the heater core in the sheet metal box after adding the 8" duct take-off.

    Then I cut out the front side (lid) of the Icebox and again installed another 8" duct take-off...

    I used silver foil duct tape to seal the front and back pieces...
    Bingo Bango....

    You have a DIY Hydro Innovations Icebox

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  2. very awesome, and that looks easy enough that even i could do it.
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